Regardless of the vacuum system and tanks, it is possible to replace the technical area with factory preparation for connection to the mains sewer and water supply on demand.


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Vacuum public toilet system with two user spaces

Men and women user spaces are indipendent from water and sewage city network connection which allows easy and fast relocation if needed. AntiVandal exterior and interior concept are the main attributes of EUROmodul vacuum public toilets which secures long term usage with low maintenance. Interior equipment is made of EUROmodul AntiVandal automatic handwash basin, sensor operate watertap, soap dispenser and hand dryer. Intergrated stainless steel toilet bowl with automatic vacuum flush system toilet uses only 0.7 liters of water instead of standard 9 liters.

Technical room is equipped with technical water and sewage tank which means that the toilet can be installed on any location with an electrical installation. Vacuum pumps and electronics are installed between tanks and secured interior walls from users.

Heating system and ventilation of user cabins is developed by EUROmodul according to climatic conditions of the City of Moscow, where avg. temperature during the winter months is around -10 C. The heating system provides constant temperature within the user spaces during winter months from 10 to 15 C. Fireproof walls and doors have resistance up to 120 minutes!

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