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Technical container for diesel generator storage

Kontejner za smeštaj agregata

EUROmodul has successfully completed design, engineering and manufacture of a special technical container for storage and use of diesel generator on the field. Our client who has commenced this project is a well-known telecommunication company.

Technical details:

Floor of the container has been reinforced to suppord the load of over 2000 kg per m2. This modifed floor construction offers enfurance and mobility even in extreme exploitation. Diesel generator that is installaed in the container is by American manufacturer ‘Perkins’.


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Telecommunication containers – custom production

Telekomunikacioni kontejneri za VIP

EUROmodul has produced and installed 4 technical containers for storage of GSM telecommunication equipment. This container has been designed by client’s request who is one of the leading mobile operators in Europe.

Technical details:

Robus contruction with enforced floor section to support heavy equipment. Electric installation equipping by client’s request.

On site mounting

Highly demanding on-site mounting has proven to be a great challenge for our team: insallation on top of the 15-storey building on over 65 m above ground on location in Kruševac, Serbia.


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Kiosk for Fast Food PULSE

EUROmodul kiosk za fast food u Švedskoj

Kiosk for fast food PULSE is conceptually made that provides preparation and sale of food and offers a protected area for consumation – a covered terrace. Kiosk is 9.0 x 3.0 meters with corrugated aluminum sheets as the final facade. Built-in elements – zinc steel welded frame with insulated panels provide for year-round use. Kiosk is designed to fully meet the extremely adverse weather conditions of Scandinavian countries.

Kiosk made with optimal transport dimensions

Kiosk is produced with basic transport dimensions 9.0 x 2.4 m. All the elements that go beyond the transport dimensions are removable and can be fixed on the spot: the glass canopy and stainless steel front counter.

Safety glass canopy

The glass canopy is made of safety glass: laminated and tempered glass. In case of braking, tempered glass will disperse in thousands of small rounded pieces that will not hurt people. Laminated glass will remain in one piece, because the film which is located between the glass holds it together.

Stainless steel counter

In front of the kiosk opening is stainless steel counter and advertising space which provides daily and weekly offers.


Kiosks has installed suction fans Vortice Lineo with capacity of 850 m3, made channels 200×300 mm in length of 8 meters with self-opening grids, whith grills 425x125mm in 4 locations.

Timer heater plates

Kiosk has a heater timer that allows the user to set the start time and the opening of the kiosk with hot plates heated to operating temperature, which ensures efficient operation without additional waiting.

Kiosk lighting

Kiosk indoor lighting was carried out as fluorescent lighting with raster 2x58W, with two position in the preparation of food and a place that illuminates a covered and closed terrace.

Motorized rollo

Kiosk is not intended for all-day work, so the overnight closing is ensured with motorized rollo shutter colored as facade. Rollo prevents entry, offers protection to glass and aluminum and provides a visual barrier from unwanted look at the content inside the kiosk.

Floor area

To facilitate the cleaning and maintenance of the floor surface is made from 2 mm PVC antistatic.

Aluminum sonstruction and thermally insulated glass
Aluminum construction was used at the request of the customer with adequately insulated glass, which offers greater protection from the temperature difference between inside and outside space – interrupted thermal bridge.

Kiosk facade

Kiosk has aluminum facade with corrugated sheet in RAL 3024. Glass walls are accented with bright red color which emphasize the aesthetic impression.

Lifting elements

Kiosk has removable screws to lift and move the kiosk with crane. After lifting the screws are removed, which does not interfere with its visual appearance. If there is a displacement of kiosk, the screws can be used repeatedly.

Adjustable legs for leveling on the site

The location can have certain deviations in height, but with 6 height-adjustable foot kiosk can be easily levelled.

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Belgrade on water – modular caffe bar with toilet

We have designed and manufactured upon the customer’s needs at the bank of the river Sava in Belgrade, the capital town of Serbia, a caffee bar – consists of 180m2 of indoor space and 45m2 of open space – a terrace. Prefabricated building is made of custom-made containers with construction adapted to customer requirements. The facility consists of 12 standard modules 6.0m x 2.4m x 2.6m, which are made according to the design in accordance with customer requirements.

EUROmodul is one of the few manufacturers that allows its customers maximum optimization according to their wishes, in accordance with modern requirements of the market.

The coffee bar has modern designed, fully functional facility equipped with complete electrical, water supply and sewerage installations. Due to the use of the building complied with the wishes of the customer for large glass panes, allowing excellent brightness. The pleasant atmosphere and climate inside the building is maintained with air conditioners.

EUROmodul vacuum toilet system is autonomous and mobile, adapted to conditions of exploitation in locations where it is not possible to connect it to water supply and sewage system. Otherwise, vacuum bowls system can be installed instand of traditional toilet bowls on permanent classic or automatic public toilets.

Technology of the removal and storage of sewage waste water consists of the EUROmodul vacuum system which consumes 8 times less water in comparison with a standard gravity system. The vacuum pump is additionally equipped with a system that processes all foreign bodies into small pieces that can be eventually found in the pipeline. The waste liquid is sent to the 1200 litres polypropylene tank, which is equipped with the measuring sensors and the ventilation system that prevents odors in the technical area.

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PREMIUM modular building – offices and sanitary facilities

Custom made developed and manufactured energy efficient modular building PREMIUM with high coefficient of thermal isolations, protection against noise and fire resistance is transported and rigged to location in Germany. Modular building with its 200 m2 within ground + first floor is headquarter for known waste recycling company.

Building is devided to offices, workers canteen and sanitary facilities equipped with showers and toilet user spaces. Ground floor is used as small office, area with lockers and sanitary facilities for workers while first floor is company headquaters. Interior and facades are completely made in cooperation with client, which means that we customise every square meter of object according to client wishes.

EUROmodul engineer and manufacture facade of powder coated metal cassettes in two different RAL colors.Facade cassettes as modules can be replaced in anytime due to innovative approach and engineering if any of them damage or scratch in the usage period. We consider anti-vandal concept which were taken into account as EUROmodul has years of experience with their different products that are in public use.

Due to our long experience in custom made modular buildings production, EUROmodul fulfill all the requirements and provide certificates for highest class of thermal isolation U=0,15 W/m2K, protection against noise and fire resistance class A2 – s1, d0.

EUROmodul provide project and manufacturing of internal stairs for connection of ground and first floor. Interior stairs platforms finishing is made of high quality hard wood and stainless steel handrails while exterior stairs platforms are manufactured from anti-slip hot dipped galvanised steel.

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STUDENT CAMPUS – modular building in Berlin

EUROmodul hotel za studente u Berlinu

Factory EUROmodul signed a contract with German investor 05.11.2014. to build the modular student housing in Berlin of 12.000 m2 living area with 392 modules, each of 12,0 x 2,4 x 3,0 m which is the first project of its kind offered by the local company.

Student settlement will be placed in the South-Eastern part of Berlin with the floor area of approximately 12.000 m2. It will consist of three complexes on the four floors, a total number of 392 modules, 30 m2 each, that EUROmodul will manufacture, deliver and install. The modules will be produced at the factory EUROmodul in Nova Pazova, Serbia.

Objects are built from special CORTEN steel, which ensures durability and attractive appearance. Chemically treated steel CORTEN creates a protective layer on the surface and serves as a natural protection against corrosion and makes it long-lasting. Elements and equipment will be made of high quality materials in accordance with strict German standards and laws that apply to new buildings – fire protection, noise protection, thermal insulation, energy savings upon EU standards.

‘This project is a major challenge, both because of the volume and pace of work, and for meeting the rigorous standards that are prescribed in Germany. Due to the large volume of work, in addition to our professional permanent staff, we plan to open new jobs and to achieve business cooperation with local companies, which is of great importance for the local community and the local economy’, said the EUROmodul Serbia manager, mr. Milan Copic.

Project design started in September 2014. A pre-contract and permit of the first object presented EUROmodul in late January 2015, which testify fast adaptation of EUROmodul to investors requirements, but also fast project design by EUROmodul system of modular construction – prefabricated buildings.

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PREMIUM modular building office in house garden

EUROmodul was requested to provide engineering and custom made manufacturing in Switzerland for high quality PREMIUM energy efficient modular building to be used as external office in private house garden area with insulation value ( U = 0,16 W/m2k )

Facade is made of carefully selected Siberian arish wooden lads and installed on location while interior is made of Knauf wall system with inbuildt water, sewage and electricity installations. Doors and windows are made of 3 level glass system and SCHUKO aluminum frames.

Terrace construction is made of zinced steel, powdercoated to RAL color with inbuilt high quality Twinson boards. House canopy is covering terrace area with headlining of the same wood as facade.

From the logistic aspect of view, EUROmodul manufactured house office from two modules connected on location. Canopies, facade and terrace construction have been made in parts for easier and cheaper transport and are easily assembled on site.