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EUROmodul PREMIUM kindergarten – modular building

EUROmodul know-how is summarised in engineering and manufacturing of PREMIUM modular building – kindergarten. Modular kindergarten is assembled on location in Switzerland from different module dimensions, 6,0 m and 7,2 m length with total area of 400m2. Interior consists of four classrooms, three sanitary user spaces, sleeping rooms, kitchen and playgrounds. EUROmodul PREMIUM modular buildings are high efficient, energy savers due to high quality isolation materials.

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Kiosk for Croatia Post, Supernova, Zadar

EUROmodul produced a Croatian post office building, located in the SUPERNOVA shopping center in Zadar, with the aim of expanding sales and customer accessibility.

The recognizable design of the stylized horn EUROmodul has solved its highly visible look and refined it with LED lighting to make the interior accent fully visible.The EUROmodul is always a step further and has designed and equipped this complete interior work space with all necessary work tanks and surfaces for this mounting facility.

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Automatic public toilet MEGANOVA – Portugal

The EUROmodul produced a unique automatic toliet MEGANOVA  according to the requirements of the state of Portugal. New project made for Portugal is automatic toilet equiped with automatic sliding doors allow touch free entry and leaving toilet room space using sensors, floor washing with high pressure nozzles.

Sanitary facilities are suitable for the use of male and female persons, as well as for disabled persons (turn radius of 1.6 m), a space corresponding to the applicable European rules on accessibility. Interior design of sanitary facilities is designed so that there are no sharp edges that can pose a danger to users.

– Baby changing table, stainless steel

– Module for hand hygene, stainless steel (soap, wash, dry)

– Vertical grab rails, stainless steel

– Two clothes hanger

– SOS (alarm) push button, audio visual

– Toilet bowl in stainless steel

– Magic Box II DESINFECTOR unit for cleaning, drying, disinfecting toilet bowl of       toilet seat

– Indoor lighting

– Panic lighting

– Handrails stainless steel for the disabled

– Mirror

– Stainless steel litter bin disposal

– Toilet paper dispenser

– Heater for sanitary and technical space

– Label ,Toilet‘ with pictograms

– toilet enabled for Men / Women / disabled person

Interior is well thought in antivandal concept. The basic concept of toilet can be seen from it’s layout. The toilet is divided into two types os spaces – user spaces which are accesible to toilet users and service space which is used for monitoring purposes, and storage. All elements are well protected and installed from technical space so the antivandal concept of EUROmodul toilets add value to longterm use – the elements are well protected behind a wall and can’t be stolen, or hardly broken.

Inner final finish creates both visual sensation as well as maintaining antivandal characteristics especially when HPl (high pressure laminates) are used. HPL patterns can have many colours/designs to fit everybody’s needs – contact us for details.

Equipment installed inside toilet space consists (beside toilet bowl) of antivandal handwash module with three touch free sensors: soap dispenser, water tap and handdryer. Hot water boiler can be installed on request.

Baby changing foldable table facilitates baby changing dipers. Clothes hanger (two pairs) are positioned for adults/children/disabled persons.Ventilation is made to keep the inner of the toilet fresh. Ventilation is combined with air freshner.Power sabing lights add to the tendencies of eco friendly product.

SOS panic button adds to the safety of the customers, when activated, it creates audio-visual signs to exteriour public informing them that the person inside toilet might be in need of their assistance.Panic light operates in case of power falure maintaining inner light and showing the exit door.Air condition is installed on location with high temperatures.

Toilets can be applied to both manual and automatic, in different user space models. Automatically, self-cleaning toilets increase the hygiene and user satisfaction because they clean the toilet bowl after each use and also skewers the floor.

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The modular container for new interior look NEOSTAR

The EUROmodul produced a unique custom-made exhibition container according to the requirements of the NEOSTAR-Zubak autopilot, and is designed for better sales and presentation of new vehicle fleets.

Auto Zubak d.o.o., a company founded with the vision of creating a complete experience in the automotive industry, deals with the sale and maintenance of motor vehicles and is authorized to sell and service the Volkswagen, Škoda, Audi and AutoZubak Neostar service for all vehicle brands and sale of used vehicles.

To the satisfaction of the investor, the space in which the existing models of vehicles and novelties will be represented in a representative way, has been updated to the high standards of our company EUROmodul and our products. The object is of an exhibition character and is designed for the car exhibition in closed spaces.The project partners are always at the service of a team of Product design and technical office that will offer quality and optimal solutions, and with common synergy to solve the most demanding situations we can encounter while planning and realization of projects. We enjoyed our long experience, wide palette products and systems, design a modular facility as a salon presentation and advertising space for novelties.

Dimensions of the object: 6058x3000x2791mm

The object is made up of hand-held elements whose dimensions allow for assembly of the object within other objects where access to transport vehicles is not possible. All the elements of the elements are screwed so that it is possible to disassemble the object and transport it to another location, making it suitable for exhibiting at various events and fairs.

Construction: The construction of the building is fully adapted to its purpose.The floor contouring is made of galvanized rectangular profiles with multilayer wooden boards, glued with phenol waterproof adhesive, as a final construction layer, where any finishing can be placed according to the wishes of the investor. The floor construction load capacity is 1000 kg / m2 of surface.The columns and roof profiles of the building are made of cold-rolled galvanized steel profiles, which make their distribution possible for the electrical cables needed to equip the building. The walls and ceilings are made of polyurethane sandwich panels that are additionally painted in color as desired by the investor.

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Kiosk for Tisak in Arena Centar Zagreb

„Tisak“ is the largest retail chain of kiosk and leading Croatian press distributor, tobbaco product, prepaid phonecards of telecom operators and other products. „Tisak“ is at the same time forwarding company that can distribute any product to any place in Croatia,any day,365 days yearly.

EUROmodul  has designed an individual type of kiosk specifically  for „Tisak d.d.“ ,assembled in capital city of Zagreb,inside of the most modern shopping and entertainment center „Arena Centar“. „Arena Center“  is a home of 10 large, over 200 medium and small stores, and Interspar, the largest hypermarket in Croatia.

Modular structure „Tisak d.d.“ is  dynamic and contemporary and it is intended for the purpose of selling press and for the easier and faster communication with customers.The sales area is large opening with showcases, advertising panels, advertising roof heads and seling counters and its total lenght is 4000 mm,hight 3300 mm and wight 2200 mm. It is consisted of two front and rear part.Kiosk is constructed of adequate weight and dimension elements which can be asambled manually in location .The structure has one entry.

LED lighting illuminates the interior and exterior with diferent intensity and layout of LED illuminating. Due to maximally usable sale area and its minimalistic design,press and small consumer items goin on importants.

Construction is made of galvanized steel and painted as per client request with tempered glass. Roll doors are galvanized and plasticized and electricaly powered for closing and opening (option is manualy driven shutter).

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Urban equipment – new benches for island of Krk

EUROmodul has produced and delivered urban equipment for the project of seafront reconstruction in Njivice on the Krk island. The promenade in Njivice is now equipped with designer benches and tables from the VERTIGO line, with seating made of high quality wood, smart bench SMART VERTIGO, and waste bin type 334 with a self-extingushing ashtray made of stainless steel AISI 304. The urban equipment is made of hot dip galvanized steel, powedercoated in RAL color according to the buyer’s request. Total number of items which were produces and mounted is 8 waste bins, 17 park benches of type 223, 6 VERTIGO benches with 3 accompanying tables and one SMART VERTIGO type smart bench.

Tekst za opis stavke 1

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Custom made Go-Kart truck – for “360 Karting”

Mobile Go-Kart Truck is the first innovative concept of this kind which was technically developed and manufactured exclusively for Ensol 360 karting, which represents a mobile unit with an integrated and fully functional karting race track in segments of 300 meters in lenght and 4 Go-Kart vehicles. The object is movable from location to location (weekend events, weekly events) according to pre-agreed terms.

The assembly comes to the location on a truck trailer. The process of preparing the object begins with the opening of the rear door and the unloading of the elements from the back (repair workshop for the Go-Karts) and preparation of the rest of the operating elements. Following the procedure, the next step is the opening of the upper and lower “wings”, installation of stairs, fences and the upper terrace with canvas shelter. At the same time, race track is being installed and Go-Karts are being prepared. In only a couple of hours with two to three people, the Mobile Go-Kart Truck facility is ready for operation.

  • Sliding doors are made of EUROmodul PREMIUM aluminium profiles, with a niche for self-service vending machines, reception desk for issuance of helmets before the race.
  • Entry in the Mobile Truck for guests and clients is possible from both sides with stairs installed on ground terrace. There are path marks and one-way navigation to help direct people when moving through the facility.

The prefabricated module made of zinced and painted steel is permanently installed on trailer with a façade of perforated metal cassettes and backlight lighting. Openable terraces, upper and lower “wings” are calculated for a static load of 750 kg / m2.

The facility is equipped with an audio speaker system built-in the side “wings”. Decorative LED lighting and branding of Go-Kart mobile truck offer a unique sight wich is combined with two LED TVs with output of pre-produced video content and performance analysis of comparative circuit lap times.

Upper terrace offers an elevated view on Go-Kart race track with elegant design chairs and tables. The floor is made of aluminum anti-slip surface, while the fence is made of canvas with a designer branding pattern. The terrace LED lighting is installed in the pillars supporting the canvas. In the winter, heaters can be placed at the same predetermined places.

The mobile truck prefabricated module is 13.6 m long and 2.5 m wide, and it allows the transport of the modular object on the truck trailer without additional permits for heavy duty transportation, which significantly reduces operating costs and speeds up the organization of transport.

  • The Mobile Track facility is designed to be self-sufficient, independent and operational with three to four people.
  • All of its elements are optimized to be quickly foldable and portable.
  • Mobile Track is one of the most technically complex facilities manufactured by the EUROmodul factory.
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Project: 35 sanitary containers for Kazakhstan

EUROmodul has independently designed and produced 35 pieces of autonomic public toilets intended for a construcion site of a company from Kazakhstan. The toilets are in container form with separate user space for men and women, with two stalls with vacuum toilet system in each user space.

The toilets are equipped with EUROmodul anti-vandal sanitary equipment made out of stainless steel INOX AISI 304 (toilet bowl, flusher, sinks and mirrors).

The toilets are equipped with EUROmodul anti-vandal sanitary equipment made out of stainless steel INOX AISI 304 (toilet bowl, flusher, sinks and mirrors).

In the technical space which is set between the two user spaces, there are water pressure booster pumps, as well as the tanks for technical water. The tank for faecal drainage is set in the floor making it an internal part of the container.

EUROmodul public toilets are produced with termoisolation intended for work in harsh weather conditions, with tempereature ranges from -40 degrees Celsius in Winter to +40 degrees Celsius in the summer.

The toilets are completely custom made according to the client’s request (bespoke).

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Modular building pharmacy shop clinic Winterthur

EUROmodul provide customised pharmacy for clinic Winterthur as modular building assambled of bespoke containers installed on steel profiles structure.Modular building dimensions 15m x 11,2m (168m2) is perform of custom made EUROSTANDARD container 7,4m x 2,45n within thermal insulation PU120mm.

Electrical installations are made in accordance with Swiss regulations and standards.Interior lighting consists of LED ceiling lights with hidden electrical cable installations. Heating and cooling is performed by inverter air conditioners while outter AC units are installed on EUROmodul AC steel – powdercoated handlers.. Emergency lighting for the safety exits are derived in accordance with regulations in the event of a power failure.

Interior building ceiling is equipped with gypsum board noise reduction system, while windows are equipped with automatic electric driven blinds up to 3-level position + rain and wind radio controlled sensors.

Railings are made of stainless steel AISI 304, stairs and platforms ( width 1200mm ) are derived of hot galvanized steel segments and screws connected.

Modular building secundary roof is made of 8 segments, connected and sealed on location above containers. Above platforms are installed corugated zinced steel shelters for protection of weather conditions.

EUROmodul is one of the few manufacturers that provides individual production of modular buildings and containers to customers according their wishes, in accordance with modern requirements of the market.EUROmodul proved it’s know-how and high standards of design, engineering and manufacturing of prefabricated buildings which are made upon client specification. Installation of pharmacy modular building – facility was a challenge, one of a variety of projects that we have manufactured and installed in the last 27 years of production.