by Kristina Ćopić Kristina Ćopić

Modular building complex in Switzerland from 276 modules

The EUROmodul Group feels proud to present one of our largest projects in terms of container space. The room container systems consist of 273 room units with a total area of approx. 4100 m2 and meet the high Swiss requirements. We would like to thank our business partners, be it in sales, logistics or interior design. As a team, we are strong together and long-term, Swiss partnerships pay off.

by Kristina Ćopić Kristina Ćopić

Modular shopping centre in Switzerland

EUROmodul has completed installation on a modular building – shopping center Migros- on site in Zug, Switzerland. The building consists of 64 modules in non-standard dimensions and has a total area of over 1100 m2. The building is design as an annex to the pre exisiting building, in order to expand the facilities in a short time frame.

All the modules have been manufactured in less than 60 days, and the installation on site has been completed in just 7 days! With the help of its local partner in Switzerland, EUROmodul is able to offer turn key modular solutions, including foundation preparation, delivery and on site assembly.

Modular buildings are a perfect solution for all projects that need to be realized in a short time frame, as well as on sites where traditional build is not possible.

by NenadEM NenadEM

The modular container for new interior look NEOSTAR

The EUROmodul produced a unique custom-made exhibition container according to the requirements of the NEOSTAR-Zubak autopilot, and is designed for better sales and presentation of new vehicle fleets.

Auto Zubak d.o.o., a company founded with the vision of creating a complete experience in the automotive industry, deals with the sale and maintenance of motor vehicles and is authorized to sell and service the Volkswagen, Škoda, Audi and AutoZubak Neostar service for all vehicle brands and sale of used vehicles.

To the satisfaction of the investor, the space in which the existing models of vehicles and novelties will be represented in a representative way, has been updated to the high standards of our company EUROmodul and our products. The object is of an exhibition character and is designed for the car exhibition in closed spaces.The project partners are always at the service of a team of Product design and technical office that will offer quality and optimal solutions, and with common synergy to solve the most demanding situations we can encounter while planning and realization of projects. We enjoyed our long experience, wide palette products and systems, design a modular facility as a salon presentation and advertising space for novelties.

Dimensions of the object: 6058x3000x2791mm

The object is made up of hand-held elements whose dimensions allow for assembly of the object within other objects where access to transport vehicles is not possible. All the elements of the elements are screwed so that it is possible to disassemble the object and transport it to another location, making it suitable for exhibiting at various events and fairs.

Construction: The construction of the building is fully adapted to its purpose.The floor contouring is made of galvanized rectangular profiles with multilayer wooden boards, glued with phenol waterproof adhesive, as a final construction layer, where any finishing can be placed according to the wishes of the investor. The floor construction load capacity is 1000 kg / m2 of surface.The columns and roof profiles of the building are made of cold-rolled galvanized steel profiles, which make their distribution possible for the electrical cables needed to equip the building. The walls and ceilings are made of polyurethane sandwich panels that are additionally painted in color as desired by the investor.

by NenadEM NenadEM

Swisscom Homebase event set of two container modules on two levels

SwissCom homebase modular office made of Eurostandard container type in two different installation possibilities. The living and office container configuration consists of two containers ground + 1st floor within dimensions 6.0 x 2.4 m and external height of 2,8m. Each objech has it’s own entrance, which are used depending on object configuration.

Along the container base frame is a lower platform that is partially covered with folding canopy. Upper container is accessed via stairs and upper landing which also serves as a terrace. The facility is designed for the Swisscom company for presentation at various events.

The construction of the container is made of high-quality EUROmodul galvanized steel profiles, further strengthened with UPN steel to maximize the capacity of construction due to specific cantilever load. Steel structure is painted in RAL 7016 anthracite gray with a protective coating in the painting chamber. Thermal insulation of walls, floors and the roof is made of polyurethane panel with thickness of 120 mm. The interior of the building is regulated by the automatic climate control.

Facades of the building are dominated by attractive glass walls. Glass walls are made of double laminated safety glass 4+4 mm. Quality construction and rapid assembly and disassembly guarantees to simply move from one location to another. Technical specificity of this product is that in addition to mobility and the easy transportation from one concept to another quickly and easily.

by NenadEM NenadEM

Autotuning Car Shop prefabricated container complex

For known customer in Switzerland we designed, manufactured and installed complex of Swiss autotuning, which consists of 6 buildings each 6.0 x 3.0 m with adjoining canopy above the garage door, porch-lit LED lighting above the main entrance and roof attic. The building is realized in PREMIUM system of EUROmodul prefabricated buildings.

Prefabricated building is made of massive PREMIUM steel profiles filled with insulating panels that meet the Swiss regulations on the optimal thermal isolation. Large glass walls (width of object is 3.0 metres) emphasize the basic purpose of the facility – exposition of cars located in it’s interior.

Glass walls maximize the spaciousness of the interior space with daylight. The glass is reinforced, with specific heat coefficient.

Reinforced floor structure has been strengthened with 500 kg / m2 of load required to exhibit vehicles. The final layer of the floor is carpet.

The integrity of the complex as a whole is highlighted with the attic roof in white that extends across all facilities and canopies.

by NenadEM NenadEM

PREMIUM prefabricated building for Swiss customs – border control

For the Swiss customs – border control purposes, EUROmodul have designed and manufactured custom made
PREMIUM modular prefabricated building for office purposes. Modular building is assambled of eight PREMIUM modules connected in a whole within overall dimensions 19,6m x 5m and additional secondary roof within 20m x 6,6m.

PREMIUM is the highest class of EUROmodul prefabricated buildings which belongs to the low-energy certificated standard. Prefabricated object that we have designed and produced for the Swiss customs border control is derived from the eight PREMIUM F30-fire class modules dimensions 2,45m x 5m. Basic facade type is made of metal cassets painted in RAL color code by request. The thermal insulation is made of mineral wool 200mm thickness, steam and sound booms + gypsum board as the final inner walls lining.

The windows are made of EUROmodul PREMIUM PVC profile with triple glazing thermal conduction Uw = 1.0 W / m2K and possibility of “V” opening, as well as anti-theft blinds with thermal insulated box. Entry doors are made of EUROmodul PREMIUM ALU profile with thermal bridge and triple glazing that have same heat value as PVC windows. Doors and windows are equipped with stainless steel (AISI 304) handles and emergency push-bar racks.

  • Electroinstallations are derived accordance to Swiss and VDE standards.
  • Secondary roof dim. 20m x 6.7m is manufactured of hot galvanized steel profiles in accordance to Swiss standard for snow load per m2 in installation area.

The factory prefabricated modules were delivered to the site with a total of 4 trucks, unloaded and fitted with a crane on foundation. The foundations of the building were already prepared by the investor in accordance with the EUROmodul technical documentation.

Energy efficiency and eco-friendliness is certainly one of the advantages of prefabricated modular buildings or homes. Low-energy standard can be achieved with conventional construction, but then it means an additional 40 cm of thermal insulation. This thickness of standard outer wall increases to more than 40 cm, which has a direct impact on the reduction of net usable living area of ​​the building.

  • In particular, low energy prefabricated house has about 10% higher net usable area of ​​the building compared to brick standard with the same energy efficient characteristics.
by NenadEM NenadEM

Ticket kiosk, public toilets and porterhouse for Biševo (Modra špilja – the Blue cave)

Kiosk za biletarnicu

On the Croatian island Biševo positioned in Adriatic sea, near Komiža and in entrance of the Blue cave (Modra špilja) EUROmodul designed, manufactured and delivered catering kiosk which is installed next to the tourist information center which was last year also produced and supplied by EUROmodul.

The supplied prefabricated kiosk is oversized with dimensions of 5.0m x 3.0m x 2.47m h (internal height) with the external facade of impregnated wooden slats finaly colored with mineral oil that gives color in naturally oxidized wood in a gray tone, which is applied to the double protection of wooden slats due to exposure to the impact of sea and salt. The walls are thermically insulated PU panels with thickness of 60 mm, the inside of the wall is coated with wall tiles, and concealed electrical and water installations.

The facility is open on three sides, equipped with a massive counter of well dried white ash with all three sides of the building. It’s closed with zinc roller shutter in RAL 7038 according to the client’s request.

A kiosk is derived with secondary pitched roof with attic in RAL 7038
Inside the building is embedded LED lighting with regulation; 6 LED lamps 18W.

The floor is insulated with PU panel 60mm, because of the weight of catering equipment it’s individually reinforced with the capacity of 500 kg / m², with a built-in double cement particle board, and the final set of rectangular tiles chosen by the customer.

With catering kiosk is supplied also toilet facilities for disabled people, with dimensions of 2.4 x 2.4m, with built-in complete disability equipment in accordance with applicable regulations; Toilet bowl, sink, sloping mirror and handles for disabled stainless steel AISI 316

Today, the island is mostly visited for it’s wonderful beauty of Blue Cave. Croatian archipelago has impressive maritime space, from which rise above the sea islands that are actually peaks of the former land which connected the present Adriatic coast from hillside high Dinarides in the east to the lowland regions of the Apennines to the west. At some inconceivable geological cataclysm at the end of the ice age ten thousand years before the sea level rose by about a hundred meters, and the sea broke and flooded vast plains to the peaks of mountains that stretch lungitudinalno the eastern coast of the Adriatic into a thousand and two hundred islands and reefs. With the emergence of these islands, incredible shape was created and the whole maze of sea channels, bays, coves, bays, jutting capes, in the above-water in offshore also created the vast array of undersea islands – marriages, rich fish habitat and marine caves. It was created on island Biševo with wonderful Blue Cave through which the undersea tunnel sun’s rays are converted into blue liquid.

by NenadEM NenadEM

Modular buildings complex for victims of domestic violence

EUROmodul has designed, manufactured and installed an complex that consists of 18 Eurostandard modules with thermal insulation classified as low-energy. External walls, floor and roof are made with PU panel 120mm (U = 0,18W / m2K), while the walls consist of Knauf system W112. Toilets and showers are made of HPL. The floors of sanitary facilities and laundry room are made from waterproof PVC.

The complex has a total dimensions of 22,0 x 13,1 meters with a canopy of 2,4 x 2,4 meters, which protects the front door from the weather. The central hall is set with left and right oriented rooms and toilets. The derived secondary roof has a slope of 2%.

The kitchen is fitted with all the equipment including wall hoods. The windows have a heat transfer coefficient U = 1,0W / m2K and external blinds as protection from the sun. Upon completion of the building it will be set up a secondary roof with gutter downspouts and storm water drainage.

Above the main entrance will be set up a  shelter with dimension 2,4 x 2,4m with polycarbonate and a controlled drainage of storm water through the pillars. One module serves as a technical room in which are included all installation, such as the installation of water, electricity, telephone and heating. The facility is included with emergency lighting.

by NenadEM NenadEM

Custom made office containers

EUROmodul manufactured and installed custom made containers modular building as office and mini kitchen area for known client in Switzerland. According to client request, front and side facades are made of aluminium profiles and security glass, two PREMIUM entry doors made of safety glass and factory installed water inlet and outlet installations for mini kitchen and WC user space.

The object is made as three separate objects produced and equipped in EUROmodul production facility, transported and installed on location. The installation on location involved concrete basement preparation where the objects are positioned, levelling and connection to power supply. The object’s floor is connected and made flat and the connections are made watertight.

The object is made as three separate objects produced and equipped in EUROmodul production facility, transported and installed on location. The installation on location involved concrete basement preparation where the objects are positioned, levelling and connection to power supply. The object’s floor is connected and made flat and the connections are made watertight.

Insulation is made upon customer’s specification guidance, in roof, wall and bottom as well as within glass surfaces. Installation of inner elements consists of mini kitchen elements and a toilet cabin.

Heating and cooling of the building interior was made with air conditioning – inverter system. Outdoor unit AC unit is located on the building.

For the purposes of this demanding and fast serial production at a time when most other manufacturers and subcontractors are not working or are closed, EUROmodul has further expanded its production – storage area to the production of this project produced in parallel with the rest of the contracted works that EUROmodul delivered – student complex of prefabricated buildings in Berlin, manufacturing in Switzerland, the production line for Russia and Kazakhstan.

by NenadEM NenadEM

ZUBAK care sales center – custom made office container

For the purpose of a presentation and sales of used vehicles, EUROmodul have engineered and manufactured custom made office container for the dealership NEOSTAR – Zubak according to the client requirements. Dimension of object are 9,125 x 2,438 mm, painted in RAL 7021 with backlit advertising jumbo billboard space on the roof.

Sales office container within dimensions of 9,0 x 2,45 m is equipped with insulating glass wall that consists of a fixed window and the automatic sliding door made of aluminum frames with interrupted thermal bridge for better thermal conductivity in RAL color that match outer facade. Canopy is made of profiled metal sheet fixed on the substructure, bordered and supported by steel columns. Insulation of custom made office container is made according to the EUROmodul EUROSTANDARD specification additionally equipped by gypsum boards in the interior. The roof liner is made of acoustic plaster board with round holes.

Within retail container space is fitted toilets equipped with toilet bowl, sink and other sanitary equipment with wiring for full functionality and connection to the main water supply and drain. Beside toilet, object is equiped with electrical and water installations for kitchenette assembly that includes a sink, refrigerator, water heater and kitchen cabinets.

Heating and cooling of the container was carried out with the 3.5 kW air-conditioning power – inverter system. Outdoor AC unit is located inside the container to keep clean facade appearance.

Terrace is on the entry side to the office container, made of steel grid painted in the RAL color same as facade walls while treads are covered with Twinson flooring. For the purpose of installation and leveling, EUROmodul inbuilt into the terrace substructure threaded rods with base plates to adjust the height to equalize the level of the entrance into the container.

On the roof of office container is mounted steel frame on which are placed advertising canvases. Backlight lighting is derived with reflectors to illuminate the all four sides of the advertising space in the total length of the building.