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Baby Corner Kiosk for shopping malls

For the parents visiting shopping malls with their babies, there is a new commodity in town! A counter module called ‘Baby corner’ is a station for baby food and milk heating located at the food court of a new shopping mall.  We designed the kiosk in the shape of a baby bottle with elements of wood and imaging on the front and back panel. The module is fitted with power sockets and baby bottle heater as well as a microwave. All of the power plugs are hidden away in the technical compartment and the baby heating bottle is attached to the module to prevent spillage and theft.

EUROmodul custom designs and produces per client’s individual requests.

For more information and prices, contact us.

by Kristina Ćopić Kristina Ćopić

E-bike rental & shop Containers

With the rising demand for e-mobility vehicles such as e-bikes and e-scooters, more and more pop up shops are needed in cities. A great answer to this is a custom made container as a plug-and play solution which can be moved from location to location.

EUROmodul’s custom made container as pop-up shop and rental service can be deployed withing 3-4 weeks and will be completely custom made according to the request. Containers are branded in accordance with the client company’s visual identity and they can include additional elements, such as:

  • Canopy
  • Deck in front of the container
  • Charger mounts
  • Solar panels

Contact us for more information about how we can help your e-mobility project with a pop-up shop Container!

by NenadEM NenadEM

Kiosk for Croatia Post, Supernova, Zadar

EUROmodul produced a Croatian post office building, located in the SUPERNOVA shopping center in Zadar, with the aim of expanding sales and customer accessibility.

The recognizable design of the stylized horn EUROmodul has solved its highly visible look and refined it with LED lighting to make the interior accent fully visible.The EUROmodul is always a step further and has designed and equipped this complete interior work space with all necessary work tanks and surfaces for this mounting facility.

by NenadEM NenadEM

Kiosk for Tisak in Arena Centar Zagreb

„Tisak“ is the largest retail chain of kiosk and leading Croatian press distributor, tobbaco product, prepaid phonecards of telecom operators and other products. „Tisak“ is at the same time forwarding company that can distribute any product to any place in Croatia,any day,365 days yearly.

EUROmodul  has designed an individual type of kiosk specifically  for „Tisak d.d.“ ,assembled in capital city of Zagreb,inside of the most modern shopping and entertainment center „Arena Centar“. „Arena Center“  is a home of 10 large, over 200 medium and small stores, and Interspar, the largest hypermarket in Croatia.

Modular structure „Tisak d.d.“ is  dynamic and contemporary and it is intended for the purpose of selling press and for the easier and faster communication with customers.The sales area is large opening with showcases, advertising panels, advertising roof heads and seling counters and its total lenght is 4000 mm,hight 3300 mm and wight 2200 mm. It is consisted of two front and rear part.Kiosk is constructed of adequate weight and dimension elements which can be asambled manually in location .The structure has one entry.

LED lighting illuminates the interior and exterior with diferent intensity and layout of LED illuminating. Due to maximally usable sale area and its minimalistic design,press and small consumer items goin on importants.

Construction is made of galvanized steel and painted as per client request with tempered glass. Roll doors are galvanized and plasticized and electricaly powered for closing and opening (option is manualy driven shutter).

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Kiosk for Fast Food PULSE

EUROmodul kiosk za fast food u Švedskoj

Kiosk for fast food PULSE is conceptually made that provides preparation and sale of food and offers a protected area for consumation – a covered terrace. Kiosk is 9.0 x 3.0 meters with corrugated aluminum sheets as the final facade. Built-in elements – zinc steel welded frame with insulated panels provide for year-round use. Kiosk is designed to fully meet the extremely adverse weather conditions of Scandinavian countries.

Kiosk made with optimal transport dimensions

Kiosk is produced with basic transport dimensions 9.0 x 2.4 m. All the elements that go beyond the transport dimensions are removable and can be fixed on the spot: the glass canopy and stainless steel front counter.

Safety glass canopy

The glass canopy is made of safety glass: laminated and tempered glass. In case of braking, tempered glass will disperse in thousands of small rounded pieces that will not hurt people. Laminated glass will remain in one piece, because the film which is located between the glass holds it together.

Stainless steel counter

In front of the kiosk opening is stainless steel counter and advertising space which provides daily and weekly offers.


Kiosks has installed suction fans Vortice Lineo with capacity of 850 m3, made channels 200×300 mm in length of 8 meters with self-opening grids, whith grills 425x125mm in 4 locations.

Timer heater plates

Kiosk has a heater timer that allows the user to set the start time and the opening of the kiosk with hot plates heated to operating temperature, which ensures efficient operation without additional waiting.

Kiosk lighting

Kiosk indoor lighting was carried out as fluorescent lighting with raster 2x58W, with two position in the preparation of food and a place that illuminates a covered and closed terrace.

Motorized rollo

Kiosk is not intended for all-day work, so the overnight closing is ensured with motorized rollo shutter colored as facade. Rollo prevents entry, offers protection to glass and aluminum and provides a visual barrier from unwanted look at the content inside the kiosk.

Floor area

To facilitate the cleaning and maintenance of the floor surface is made from 2 mm PVC antistatic.

Aluminum sonstruction and thermally insulated glass
Aluminum construction was used at the request of the customer with adequately insulated glass, which offers greater protection from the temperature difference between inside and outside space – interrupted thermal bridge.

Kiosk facade

Kiosk has aluminum facade with corrugated sheet in RAL 3024. Glass walls are accented with bright red color which emphasize the aesthetic impression.

Lifting elements

Kiosk has removable screws to lift and move the kiosk with crane. After lifting the screws are removed, which does not interfere with its visual appearance. If there is a displacement of kiosk, the screws can be used repeatedly.

Adjustable legs for leveling on the site

The location can have certain deviations in height, but with 6 height-adjustable foot kiosk can be easily levelled.

by NenadEM NenadEM

Containers for VENDING machines

EUROmodul provided custom engineering of STANDARD ECO line container type for known Swiss partner. Containers are adopted for installation of snacks and drinks with vending machines. Due to it’s weight, the floor was reinforced to support adeqate floor load. Higher class of ceramics were also used hich could whithstand better impact resistance.

Client initial request was to provide different container dimensions and infrastructure to suit different purpose and types of vending machines. Entrance is made from security glass and EUROmodul PREMIUM aluminium profiles with thermal bridges. With this specific installation it can be seen that even basic economical object with some individal changes both meterial wise and with use of colours, signage and stickers can suit higher class of visual and functional appearance.

by NenadEM NenadEM


For the leading Croatian distributor of press and cigarettes TISAK d.d., EUROmodul engineer and manufactured in a short period time two kiosks dimensions 6m x 2.45m for the sale of beverages and cigarettes. Kiosks were temporarily installed at the entrance to the stadium Poljud in City of Split where its held Europe’s largest electronic music festvial ULTRA MUSIC FESTIVAL.

Kiosk interior is adapted for installation of drink fridges which caused the need for increased floor load of 350 kg / m2. Sales counters are designed and manufactured for “quick sale” and exchange of the customers in order to avoid creating jam due numerous people. After working hours, entire front counter by length and height is closing with steel security rollo shutter, powdercoated in the RAL color of the facade. The entry door is made of EUROmodul PREMIUM anti-vandal steel profiles with security locking in three points. Facade City Light advertising showcases and advertising roof caps are baclight illuminated by LED illumination.

The front door is made as security door with light opening, height 200 cm, width 70 cm. The door leaf is filled with polyurethane panel with double-sided galvanized iron outside of thickness 1.25 mm and painted in the color of the object and locked with a special lock in three points. Door for the night delivery of the press are located at the rear of the kiosk and are equipped with a special lock.

by NenadEM NenadEM

Custom made bakery kiosk for MLINAR

For the largest Croatian manufacturer of bakery products MLINAR, EUROmodul designed and produced large quantity of custom made kiosks type 3400 within dimensions 6m x 2.5m according to individual specification. Its simple design and facade made of wooden planks, kiosk fit  naturaly at the location in the green belt close to the sea side.

EUROmodul is the largest manufacturer of kiosks in South-Eastern Europe with experience in designing and manufacturing of long 27 years, produced tens of thousands of different prefabricated buildings.

For the purposes of company MLINAR, we customised standard kiosk design model 3400 according to the desired specifications. Kiosk is produced by the intended to sale of bakery products. Thermal insulation of walls, floors and the roof is made of polyurethane panels, while facade is made of impregnated wooden slats painted in RAL gray.

Front desk within entire length is closing by galvanized roll shutter powered by electricity. Rollo shutter is powdercoated in RAL gray to match the facade of the building. Electric, water and telephone installations are hidden in the walls on which were placed white tiles. Floor is covered with anti-slip tiles in a neutral brown color. Staff entry door is manufactured by EUROmodul PREMIUM ALU profile with anti-vandal protection.

  • Attractive advertising kiosk cap with four additional advertising spaces is backlight illuminated.
by NenadEM NenadEM

Prefabricated buildings for Camping Adriatic by Valamar

For the purposes of Valamar tourist camp Adriatic Camping on the island, EUROmodul has designed, manufactured and installed various models of prefabricated buildings; kiosks and luxury restrooms individually designed for the needs of sales, service and additional contents of campsite.

Camping Adriatic by Valamar is the first family ECO five stars camp (camp of highest category) in Croatia, located in the most attractive coastal part of the island of Krk. The camp is located on the beautiful beaches of the Adriatic Sea, a few minutes walk from the center of Krk. The camp is from year 2015. a member of the Leading Campings of Europe, and has received the award ADAC / ANWB Best Campsite 2016.

Kiosks are manufactured and equipped individually in the company EUROmodul with a length of 8 and a width of 3 meters, intended for the sale of bakery products, souvenirs, beach equipment, local arrangements, fruits and vegetables, as info desk and beach bar. Because of the immediate vicinity of the sea for the production were used galvanized steel for the base construction of kiosks derived from EUROmodul steel profiles. Steel structure is painted in white color. The front of the open side of the kiosks positioned in the central square can be closed with zinced steel rolos, powdercoated in white. The front door is made from PREMIUM type EUROmodul aluminum frames powdercaoted in white. Thermal insulation of walls, floors and the roof is ensured with polyurethane panels with facade finish in impregnated wooden slats painted in white.

Kiosk Welcome Desk has the front opening made with glass with folding walls. Inside it has inbuilt toilet with internal doors made of wood.

Newsstand Pool Bar is open from the front and sides, with two pull-out tents made from impregnated fabric. Inside are inbuilt toilets – for men and women with an entrance security doors from the outside. Floor is made from cheramic tiles with wood pattern.

We have produced four sanitary facilities which were installed together onsite during assembly. The roof is designed as gable roof with tile brick and gutters for drainage. The facade is made of PUC plaster facade after the connecting of the prefabricated units in order that prefabricated buildings fit with existing masonry buildings. The front doors are made from EUROmodul PREMIUM ALU profile with thermal and acoustic insulation. Interior decoration of sanitary facilities consist of materials incorporated with best quality and equipment: shower trays, toilet bowls with in built fawcets and two sinks. On the floor of the sanitary facilities were set up high-quality anti-skid ceramic tiles in wood imitation.

Learn more about Camping Adriatic Valamar by the official website Valamar

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Belgrade on water – modular caffe bar with toilet

We have designed and manufactured upon the customer’s needs at the bank of the river Sava in Belgrade, the capital town of Serbia, a caffee bar – consists of 180m2 of indoor space and 45m2 of open space – a terrace. Prefabricated building is made of custom-made containers with construction adapted to customer requirements. The facility consists of 12 standard modules 6.0m x 2.4m x 2.6m, which are made according to the design in accordance with customer requirements.

EUROmodul is one of the few manufacturers that allows its customers maximum optimization according to their wishes, in accordance with modern requirements of the market.

The coffee bar has modern designed, fully functional facility equipped with complete electrical, water supply and sewerage installations. Due to the use of the building complied with the wishes of the customer for large glass panes, allowing excellent brightness. The pleasant atmosphere and climate inside the building is maintained with air conditioners.

EUROmodul vacuum toilet system is autonomous and mobile, adapted to conditions of exploitation in locations where it is not possible to connect it to water supply and sewage system. Otherwise, vacuum bowls system can be installed instand of traditional toilet bowls on permanent classic or automatic public toilets.

Technology of the removal and storage of sewage waste water consists of the EUROmodul vacuum system which consumes 8 times less water in comparison with a standard gravity system. The vacuum pump is additionally equipped with a system that processes all foreign bodies into small pieces that can be eventually found in the pipeline. The waste liquid is sent to the 1200 litres polypropylene tank, which is equipped with the measuring sensors and the ventilation system that prevents odors in the technical area.