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EUROmodul PREMIUM kindergarten – modular building

EUROmodul know-how is summarised in engineering and manufacturing of PREMIUM modular building – kindergarten. Modular kindergarten is assembled on location in Switzerland from different module dimensions, 6,0 m and 7,2 m length with total area of 400m2. Interior consists of four classrooms, three sanitary user spaces, sleeping rooms, kitchen and playgrounds. EUROmodul PREMIUM modular buildings are high efficient, energy savers due to high quality isolation materials.

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STUDENT CAMPUS – modular building in Berlin

EUROmodul hotel za studente u Berlinu

Factory EUROmodul signed a contract with German investor 05.11.2014. to build the modular student housing in Berlin of 12.000 m2 living area with 392 modules, each of 12,0 x 2,4 x 3,0 m which is the first project of its kind offered by the local company.

Student settlement will be placed in the South-Eastern part of Berlin with the floor area of approximately 12.000 m2. It will consist of three complexes on the four floors, a total number of 392 modules, 30 m2 each, that EUROmodul will manufacture, deliver and install. The modules will be produced at the factory EUROmodul in Nova Pazova, Serbia.

Objects are built from special CORTEN steel, which ensures durability and attractive appearance. Chemically treated steel CORTEN creates a protective layer on the surface and serves as a natural protection against corrosion and makes it long-lasting. Elements and equipment will be made of high quality materials in accordance with strict German standards and laws that apply to new buildings – fire protection, noise protection, thermal insulation, energy savings upon EU standards.

‘This project is a major challenge, both because of the volume and pace of work, and for meeting the rigorous standards that are prescribed in Germany. Due to the large volume of work, in addition to our professional permanent staff, we plan to open new jobs and to achieve business cooperation with local companies, which is of great importance for the local community and the local economy’, said the EUROmodul Serbia manager, mr. Milan Copic.

Project design started in September 2014. A pre-contract and permit of the first object presented EUROmodul in late January 2015, which testify fast adaptation of EUROmodul to investors requirements, but also fast project design by EUROmodul system of modular construction – prefabricated buildings.

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Modular building complex in Switzerland from 276 modules

The EUROmodul Group feels proud to present one of our largest projects in terms of container space. The room container systems consist of 273 room units with a total area of approx. 4100 m2 and meet the high Swiss requirements. We would like to thank our business partners, be it in sales, logistics or interior design. As a team, we are strong together and long-term, Swiss partnerships pay off.

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Modular shopping centre in Switzerland

EUROmodul has completed installation on a modular building – shopping center Migros- on site in Zug, Switzerland. The building consists of 64 modules in non-standard dimensions and has a total area of over 1100 m2. The building is design as an annex to the pre exisiting building, in order to expand the facilities in a short time frame.

All the modules have been manufactured in less than 60 days, and the installation on site has been completed in just 7 days! With the help of its local partner in Switzerland, EUROmodul is able to offer turn key modular solutions, including foundation preparation, delivery and on site assembly.

Modular buildings are a perfect solution for all projects that need to be realized in a short time frame, as well as on sites where traditional build is not possible.

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Prefabricated building for offices of Swiss REGA

For the headquaters office of interventions service REGA Switzerland, we have designed and produced a special steel construction which we assembled as tailor made facility measuring 11 m x 8.6 m composed of EUROmodul EUROSTANDARD containers on two levels layed on zinced steel construction.

The insulation of prefabricated object REGA mounted near mountain Mollis / Glarus was performed according to Swiss standards of construction: exterior walls made with thermally insulated panel with thickness PU120mm, while the inner walls are covered with plaster board 2 x 12.5 mm in white color. Balcony doors and windows are made of EUROmodul PREMIUM aluminum profiles with interrupted thermal bridge and glass with thermal conductivity K = 1.3 W / m2K.

Fire-resistant prefabricated building was carried out according to standard EI30, which refers to the floor of the facility as well as the side walls of the ground floor and first floor.

Fire walls are appropriately designed walls that impede or limit the spread of fire to other parts of the building.

Electrical installation of prefabricated building was carried out in accordance with Swiss requirements with automatic sensor management of LED lighting.

Within the building from the rear we installed a hot galvanized steel platform that connects EUROmodul sanitary container to other elements of assembly. Sanitary container is equipped with a high-class sanitary equipment (toilet bowl, sink, shower) with concealed installations.

The kitchen is made of custom made customer requirements with a built-in kitchen appliances for food preparation.

Railings, stairs and platforms are made of hot galvanized steel segments and screwed on site installed on prefabricated containers.

EUROmodul many times proved it’s know-how and high standards of design and manufacture of prefabricated buildings which is made at request upon customer specification. Installation of facility REGA was a big challenge, one of a variety of projects that we have manufactured and installed in the last 27 years of production.

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Modular building for KIA MOTORS Switzerland

EUROmodul designed, manufactured and installed custom made prefabricated building size 127m2 consisting of 8 pcs. EUROSTANDARD container modules with dimension. 6m x 2.43m, Thermically insulated with PU120mm for purposes of KIA MOTORS showroom – KIA Switzerland.

Modular building consists of aluminum thermal bridge profiles with triple glazing mutually in VSG (safety glass) with electronic self-closing panic set and controlled entrance. The windows are made from PVC, with external blinds and manual controls.

Electroinstallation is made in accordance with local Swiss regulations and standards.Interior lighting consists of LED ceiling lights with hidden electrical cable installations. Heating and cooling is performed by inverter air conditioners while outter units are fitted inside the building facades. Emergency lighting for the safety outputs is derived in accordance with regulations in the event of a power failure.

  • Modular building  is equipped with sanitary unit; toilet bowl, inbuilt watertank, sink, water heater and hidden water inlet and outlet installations – plumbing.

Since the objects are used as showrooms space for cars, the floor load is as high as 500kg/m2, with glass surfaces of 2,0 x 2,5 m that rapresent basic feature needed for this custom project. One module is equipped with garage doors for vehicle entrance. On the rooftop si prepared construction for advertising and a shelter in front of the entrance which is 5,0 x 1,0 m large.

Object complex is positioned on existing parking lot where the levelling is made with recycled rubber inserts.

EUROmodul is one of the few manufacturers that provides individual production of modular buildings and containers to customers according their wishes, in accordance with modern requirements of the market.

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PREMIUM prefabricated building for Swiss customs – border control

For the Swiss customs – border control purposes, EUROmodul have designed and manufactured custom made
PREMIUM modular prefabricated building for office purposes. Modular building is assambled of eight PREMIUM modules connected in a whole within overall dimensions 19,6m x 5m and additional secondary roof within 20m x 6,6m.

PREMIUM is the highest class of EUROmodul prefabricated buildings which belongs to the low-energy certificated standard. Prefabricated object that we have designed and produced for the Swiss customs border control is derived from the eight PREMIUM F30-fire class modules dimensions 2,45m x 5m. Basic facade type is made of metal cassets painted in RAL color code by request. The thermal insulation is made of mineral wool 200mm thickness, steam and sound booms + gypsum board as the final inner walls lining.

The windows are made of EUROmodul PREMIUM PVC profile with triple glazing thermal conduction Uw = 1.0 W / m2K and possibility of “V” opening, as well as anti-theft blinds with thermal insulated box. Entry doors are made of EUROmodul PREMIUM ALU profile with thermal bridge and triple glazing that have same heat value as PVC windows. Doors and windows are equipped with stainless steel (AISI 304) handles and emergency push-bar racks.

  • Electroinstallations are derived accordance to Swiss and VDE standards.
  • Secondary roof dim. 20m x 6.7m is manufactured of hot galvanized steel profiles in accordance to Swiss standard for snow load per m2 in installation area.

The factory prefabricated modules were delivered to the site with a total of 4 trucks, unloaded and fitted with a crane on foundation. The foundations of the building were already prepared by the investor in accordance with the EUROmodul technical documentation.

Energy efficiency and eco-friendliness is certainly one of the advantages of prefabricated modular buildings or homes. Low-energy standard can be achieved with conventional construction, but then it means an additional 40 cm of thermal insulation. This thickness of standard outer wall increases to more than 40 cm, which has a direct impact on the reduction of net usable living area of ​​the building.

  • In particular, low energy prefabricated house has about 10% higher net usable area of ​​the building compared to brick standard with the same energy efficient characteristics.
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Energy Efficient modular building for BioFamily Swiss

EUROmodul engineer, manufacture and installed energy efficient PREMIUM prefabricated modular building 15m x 7,4m for the known client in Switzerland assambled of five low-power modules within a production facility for the office purposes. Energy Efficient modular building is manufactured according to exacting Swiss building standards. The energy efficient modules are mounted in one piece – modular building on a raised platform made of reinforced concrete pillars and steel structure

EUROmodul energy efficient prefabricated buildings are manufacturing according to the energy efficiency requirements and specifications of the client – the country where the modular building or module will be installed.

Thermal insulation of modular building BioFamily Swiss is made of the mineral wool 200mm in accordance with EUROmodul PREMIUM prefabrication standard. Outter facades are made of powder-coated galvanized metal sheet known as EUROmodul BASIC option,  while interior walls are covered with gypsum panels painted in white. Double walls and noise barriers allow the smooth operation of the employees inside the building.

Entrance doors are manufactured of EUROmodul PREMIUM ALU profiles with thermal bridge and fire resistance class F30 + windows of PVC with thermal bridge and double glass chamber with thermal conductivity K = 1.1.

  •   Prefabricated building – fire resistance class F30!
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Container complex IKEA Switzerland

We have designed, manufactured and installed for one of the largest and best-known retail chains in the world – IKEA in Switzerland, a complex of 38 container buildings custom made in accordance with the requirements and specifications of the client. The buildings consist of ground and first floor with two pairs of stairs. The main staircase is situated in the complex, covered, closed and isolated, while the second, rear staircase, open from outside.

The ground floor consists of 19 containers, each of which has dimensions of 6.0 x 3.0 meters.
The first floor also comprises of 19 containers of dimensions 6.0 x 3.0 meters.

  • The complex consists of sanitary spaces, technical rooms, meeting rooms and related facilities mutually connected spaces.

The production made in a production factory of EUROmodul in Croatia, transport and installation (extraordinary transport with accompanied escort) was carried out with assembly on site. Installation was particularly demanding and involved engagement of special crane with high power and long distance crane.

Equipment of modular facility consists of aluminum doors with triple glazing mutually in VSG (safety glass) with electronic self-closing panic set and controlled entrance. The windows are made from PVC, with external blinds and manual controls.

All wiring is made in accordance with local Swiss regulations and standards.

Facilities have air-conditioners with inverters.

The lighting consists of LED ceiling lights in all rooms. Emergency lighting for the safety outputs is derived in accordance with regulations in the event of a power failure.