by Kristina Ćopić Kristina Ćopić

Public toilet module for Corfu port

Euromodul has produced a custom public toilet solution for the port authority in Corfu, Greece.

The module is designed specifically in accordance with the client’s request. The layout consists of three user spaces: two standard user spaces and one designed in accordance with the standard for use by people with disabilities. Additional ramp is provided to make up for the height difference between the toilet and ground. The unit is 100% pre fabricated, and only installation on site consists of connection to the water supply/sewage and power supply.

Sanitary equipment is made of stainless steel providing durability and anti-vandal characteristics.

All sanitary elements are sensor activated, ensuring proper hygiene experience for the users.

Entrance is controlled and connected to a payment system which unlocks the doors once the payment has been registered.

The design of the toilet is created in cooperation with the client to ensure harmony with the environment on the site of installation.

by Kristina Ćopić Kristina Ćopić

Autonomous public toilet for Moscow

Redesign of EUROmodul public toilet type MEGANOVA according to the client’s request

We have designed a new version of our popular public toilet model MEGANOVA. This redesigned version was developed in cooperation with the investor, whose special request has been incorporated in the design. This public toilet is autonomous – meaning it is not connected to the water supply and waste water network on site.

Automatic sliding doors allow for easy access to the people with disabilities. Interior of the toilet has been executed in accordance with Anti-vandal standard (RC3) with all elements made of stainless steel.

Insulation of the user spaces and the technical area is suitable for cold climates with temperatures as low as -30 degrees Celsius. With EUROmodul’s patented heating and ventilation system, the toilet ensures significant energy savings, and total power consumption of the toilet never exceeds 6 kW.

by NenadEM NenadEM

Automatic public toilet MEGANOVA – Portugal

The EUROmodul produced a unique automatic toliet MEGANOVA  according to the requirements of the state of Portugal. New project made for Portugal is automatic toilet equiped with automatic sliding doors allow touch free entry and leaving toilet room space using sensors, floor washing with high pressure nozzles.

Sanitary facilities are suitable for the use of male and female persons, as well as for disabled persons (turn radius of 1.6 m), a space corresponding to the applicable European rules on accessibility. Interior design of sanitary facilities is designed so that there are no sharp edges that can pose a danger to users.

– Baby changing table, stainless steel

– Module for hand hygene, stainless steel (soap, wash, dry)

– Vertical grab rails, stainless steel

– Two clothes hanger

– SOS (alarm) push button, audio visual

– Toilet bowl in stainless steel

– Magic Box II DESINFECTOR unit for cleaning, drying, disinfecting toilet bowl of       toilet seat

– Indoor lighting

– Panic lighting

– Handrails stainless steel for the disabled

– Mirror

– Stainless steel litter bin disposal

– Toilet paper dispenser

– Heater for sanitary and technical space

– Label ,Toilet‘ with pictograms

– toilet enabled for Men / Women / disabled person

Interior is well thought in antivandal concept. The basic concept of toilet can be seen from it’s layout. The toilet is divided into two types os spaces – user spaces which are accesible to toilet users and service space which is used for monitoring purposes, and storage. All elements are well protected and installed from technical space so the antivandal concept of EUROmodul toilets add value to longterm use – the elements are well protected behind a wall and can’t be stolen, or hardly broken.

Inner final finish creates both visual sensation as well as maintaining antivandal characteristics especially when HPl (high pressure laminates) are used. HPL patterns can have many colours/designs to fit everybody’s needs – contact us for details.

Equipment installed inside toilet space consists (beside toilet bowl) of antivandal handwash module with three touch free sensors: soap dispenser, water tap and handdryer. Hot water boiler can be installed on request.

Baby changing foldable table facilitates baby changing dipers. Clothes hanger (two pairs) are positioned for adults/children/disabled persons.Ventilation is made to keep the inner of the toilet fresh. Ventilation is combined with air freshner.Power sabing lights add to the tendencies of eco friendly product.

SOS panic button adds to the safety of the customers, when activated, it creates audio-visual signs to exteriour public informing them that the person inside toilet might be in need of their assistance.Panic light operates in case of power falure maintaining inner light and showing the exit door.Air condition is installed on location with high temperatures.

Toilets can be applied to both manual and automatic, in different user space models. Automatically, self-cleaning toilets increase the hygiene and user satisfaction because they clean the toilet bowl after each use and also skewers the floor.

by NenadEM NenadEM

Project: 35 sanitary containers for Kazakhstan

EUROmodul has independently designed and produced 35 pieces of autonomic public toilets intended for a construcion site of a company from Kazakhstan. The toilets are in container form with separate user space for men and women, with two stalls with vacuum toilet system in each user space.

The toilets are equipped with EUROmodul anti-vandal sanitary equipment made out of stainless steel INOX AISI 304 (toilet bowl, flusher, sinks and mirrors).

The toilets are equipped with EUROmodul anti-vandal sanitary equipment made out of stainless steel INOX AISI 304 (toilet bowl, flusher, sinks and mirrors).

In the technical space which is set between the two user spaces, there are water pressure booster pumps, as well as the tanks for technical water. The tank for faecal drainage is set in the floor making it an internal part of the container.

EUROmodul public toilets are produced with termoisolation intended for work in harsh weather conditions, with tempereature ranges from -40 degrees Celsius in Winter to +40 degrees Celsius in the summer.

The toilets are completely custom made according to the client’s request (bespoke).

by NenadEM NenadEM

Public toilet with stone facade for beach Medina – island of Krk

EUROmodul provide designed, manufactured and installed two prefabricated public toilets with a stone facade and gabled roof, custom made according to the technical requirements and specifications of known client at the public beach Medina on the island of Krk.  Prefabricated public toilet user spaces are divided into; male / female and disabled people in accordance with DIN EU standards.

Prefabricated toilets are made of the container base type EUROmodul EUROSTANDARD with insulation derived from polyurethane panels 60mm and further produced and built a gabled roof clad with sheet metal tiles imitation in brown colour, gutters for drainage and facade of stone blocks Castel. Flooring of the toilet user spaces is derived from the cement board on which are placed ceramic tiles according to customer choice. Entrance doors are manufactured by EUROmodul PREMIUM ALU profiles in blue colour performed with electric lock and coin box billing entrance. Electrical and plumbing installations are behind walls.

On the back side of the prefab building is the entrance to baby changing area equipped EUROmodul baby table and area for the wardrobe with hangers for clothes. Lighting inside the toilet user spaces turns up by motion sensors which contributes to save electricity.

In user space for disabled persons, according to EU DIN standard is built-in SOS panic button for emergency cases right next to the toilet bowl. The system is equipped with an external siren and LED  illumination marks on the toilet facade. Toilet user spaces ventilation is derived from a ceiling vent system and the calculated flow for fresh air.

Public toilet is designed, protected and adopted (galvanized steel and painted profiles) for set up in the immediate vicinity of the sea – the high-frequency tourist public beach. With adequate maintenance, the estimated shelf life during its exploitation is 30-50 years. EUROmodul modular buildings, containers can be adapted to consistent placement in various locations in the cities or the countryside. Implementation of real stone for the facade material of a sanitary facility provide a native visual impact and building looks like a concrete constructed object. The great advantage of EUROmodul prefabricated buildings are the possibility of its transfer on new location if necessary.

As we noted, the building facades often accompany the location where the prefab public toilets will be installed. For example, we installed different facade types; wood – wooden logs (continental regions, national parks, forests, etc.), Sep facade, stone facade (coast), the façade of HPL laminate , facade composed of metal tape in the color of choice, or stainless steel and so on.

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Belgrade on water – modular caffe bar with toilet

We have designed and manufactured upon the customer’s needs at the bank of the river Sava in Belgrade, the capital town of Serbia, a caffee bar – consists of 180m2 of indoor space and 45m2 of open space – a terrace. Prefabricated building is made of custom-made containers with construction adapted to customer requirements. The facility consists of 12 standard modules 6.0m x 2.4m x 2.6m, which are made according to the design in accordance with customer requirements.

EUROmodul is one of the few manufacturers that allows its customers maximum optimization according to their wishes, in accordance with modern requirements of the market.

The coffee bar has modern designed, fully functional facility equipped with complete electrical, water supply and sewerage installations. Due to the use of the building complied with the wishes of the customer for large glass panes, allowing excellent brightness. The pleasant atmosphere and climate inside the building is maintained with air conditioners.

EUROmodul vacuum toilet system is autonomous and mobile, adapted to conditions of exploitation in locations where it is not possible to connect it to water supply and sewage system. Otherwise, vacuum bowls system can be installed instand of traditional toilet bowls on permanent classic or automatic public toilets.

Technology of the removal and storage of sewage waste water consists of the EUROmodul vacuum system which consumes 8 times less water in comparison with a standard gravity system. The vacuum pump is additionally equipped with a system that processes all foreign bodies into small pieces that can be eventually found in the pipeline. The waste liquid is sent to the 1200 litres polypropylene tank, which is equipped with the measuring sensors and the ventilation system that prevents odors in the technical area.

by NenadEM NenadEM

Ticket kiosk, public toilets and porterhouse for Biševo (Modra špilja – the Blue cave)

Kiosk za biletarnicu

On the Croatian island Biševo positioned in Adriatic sea, near Komiža and in entrance of the Blue cave (Modra špilja) EUROmodul designed, manufactured and delivered catering kiosk which is installed next to the tourist information center which was last year also produced and supplied by EUROmodul.

The supplied prefabricated kiosk is oversized with dimensions of 5.0m x 3.0m x 2.47m h (internal height) with the external facade of impregnated wooden slats finaly colored with mineral oil that gives color in naturally oxidized wood in a gray tone, which is applied to the double protection of wooden slats due to exposure to the impact of sea and salt. The walls are thermically insulated PU panels with thickness of 60 mm, the inside of the wall is coated with wall tiles, and concealed electrical and water installations.

The facility is open on three sides, equipped with a massive counter of well dried white ash with all three sides of the building. It’s closed with zinc roller shutter in RAL 7038 according to the client’s request.

A kiosk is derived with secondary pitched roof with attic in RAL 7038
Inside the building is embedded LED lighting with regulation; 6 LED lamps 18W.

The floor is insulated with PU panel 60mm, because of the weight of catering equipment it’s individually reinforced with the capacity of 500 kg / m², with a built-in double cement particle board, and the final set of rectangular tiles chosen by the customer.

With catering kiosk is supplied also toilet facilities for disabled people, with dimensions of 2.4 x 2.4m, with built-in complete disability equipment in accordance with applicable regulations; Toilet bowl, sink, sloping mirror and handles for disabled stainless steel AISI 316

Today, the island is mostly visited for it’s wonderful beauty of Blue Cave. Croatian archipelago has impressive maritime space, from which rise above the sea islands that are actually peaks of the former land which connected the present Adriatic coast from hillside high Dinarides in the east to the lowland regions of the Apennines to the west. At some inconceivable geological cataclysm at the end of the ice age ten thousand years before the sea level rose by about a hundred meters, and the sea broke and flooded vast plains to the peaks of mountains that stretch lungitudinalno the eastern coast of the Adriatic into a thousand and two hundred islands and reefs. With the emergence of these islands, incredible shape was created and the whole maze of sea channels, bays, coves, bays, jutting capes, in the above-water in offshore also created the vast array of undersea islands – marriages, rich fish habitat and marine caves. It was created on island Biševo with wonderful Blue Cave through which the undersea tunnel sun’s rays are converted into blue liquid.

by NenadEM NenadEM

Autonomous public toilet with a vacuum system ESSENTIAL

For the project “Belgrade on water”, EUROmodul produced public toilet ESSENTIAL with vacuum toilet system. Public toilet is autonomous, completely independent with service water and sewer at the site of installation. Sanitary facilities are equipped with EUROmodul anti-vandal sanitary equipment made of stainless steel.

Sanitarni korisnički prostori podeljeni su u dva segmenta;

muško / ženski
prostor za osobe sa invaliditetom prema DIN standardu

Korisnički prostori javne sanitarije opremljeni su sa vakum sistemom WC školjki i tankovima za tehničku vodu i fekalije. Intergrisani, automatski vakumski sistem pri ispiranju inox WC školjke koristi samo 0,7 litara vode u odnosu na standardno ispiranje koje koristi do 9 litara. Tankovi tehničke vode i fekalije se pune i prazne pomoću spoljnog priključka kroz zaštićeni otvori na fasadi objekta. Vrata otvora otključavaju se specijalnim ključem koje koristi tehničko osoblje za održavanje sanitarnog sistema.

Grejanje je izrađeno prema EUROmodul ECO sistemu grejanja i ventilacije, razvijene 2013. god. za potrebe projekta i proizvodnje 200 komada javnih sanitarija za grad Moskvu. Ispitivanje sistema izvedeno je u uslovima spoljašnje temperature vazduha -30°C, da bi konstantna temperatura tehničkog prostora i sanitarnih kabina iznosila +14°C.

Naplata ulaza vrši se putem kovanica bez povratka novca ( bez kusura). Montiran je unapređeni sistem (elektronika i software) rada, nadzora, kontrole sistema, kontrole pristupa, automatske dojave usled zastoja u radu ili nedostatka tehničke vode, odnosno najave kritičnog nivoa tanka za fekalije. Sistemu  za nadzor pristupa se web browser-om sa bilo koje lokacije putem interneta.

by NenadEM NenadEM

Exclusive sanitary at sea – Yacht Marina Punat

EUROmodul engineered and developed exclusive custom made sanitary containers as modular complex for Yacht Marine instelled on a sea pontoon. Modular building is assambled from 3 containers separated to men and women user spaces + showers and technical area.

Containers subconstruction and construction elements are made of stainless steel AISI 316 and AISI 304 in size of two modules 6m x 3,5m (sanitary user spaces + showers) and one module 4,8m x 1,9m (technical area). Facade is made of high quality and durable HPL panles 6mm according to raster required by technical documentation due heat expansion. Floor and walls thermal isolations are made of PU60 and PU50 panels. Floor area is covered with high quality ceramic tiles while walls are lined with gypsum boards and HPL panels. Water inlet and outlet installations are hidden in floor and walls, while complete electroinstallation with periphery is hidden in ceiling and gypsum walls. Interior LED lighting is IP54 recessed in the ceiling while complete sanitary user spaces are equipped with EUROmodul and Franke products.

Technical container is situated between two sanitary containers combines in one place all necessary technical elements for operating sanitary user spaces with electrical power, cooling, water and sewage installations. The supply of clean water goes through pumps into technical water tanks, while sewage water is droping directly to pontoon tanks which are also connected to the pump to discharge waste water to the city network.

EUROmodul high quality engineering and manufacturing standard is Globaly recognized by different clients and demanding requirements. The project of exclusive sanitary containers as modular building for Yacht Marina is one of the latest creations which proves our ability and knowledge.

by NenadEM NenadEM

Stainless steel toilet for oil platform – Custom made

For specific purposes EUROmodul has designed, developed and manufactured sanitary upon very complex and demanding request. This ‘Custom made’ sanitary is destinated to the oil platform and customized for non-standard conditions such as very low temperatures and high salinity.

The exterior design and facades, as well as the inner walls and floor are made of quality material stainless steel type AISI 316 which is corrosion-resistant.

Sanitary module is tailor-made in every way suited to the existing infrastructure of oil platform. Sanitary module is connected to a central vacuum system and the grounding system. Wiring and ventilation system are made upon the EX standard.

We design and build sanitary module in specific dimensions in order to optimize transportation costs and meet the requirements of the loading / unloading as well as manipulation and placement of modules on an oil rig.

EUROmodul KNOW HOW in cooperation with our long term partners with the development of vacuum sanitation systems resulted in the project which enables a system that performs smooth functionality for the demanding use conditions.