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Flammable Liquid Storage Containers

In accordance with Environmental laws and regulations, storage of flammable and hazardous liquids, every facility should have a proper storage solution. Such containers need to meet several requirements in order to be compliant and safe for handling and storage.

Requirements for safety storage containers include:

  • Fire protection
  • anti corrosive protection
  • Liquid spill containment
  • Heavy load requirements
  • Fire extinguishing systems
  • Thermal insulation
  • Additional equipment: IBC container, shelves trolleys, pallets, loading ramps…

EUROmodul manufactures Special Storage container for these purposes, completely in accordance with your request and compliant with regulations.

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by Kristina Ćopić Kristina Ćopić

Telecom shelters for Belarus


Technical shelters, custom engineered by client’s request. Shelters are made for telecommunication equipment storage. The client is one of Europe’s leading traffic surveillance companies.

Development of a new generation of traffic control devices, provides sustainable traffic improvement. EUROmodul’s know how in the area offers support for safe and controlled storage solutions. Shelters for telecom and surveillance equipment are made by individual requests, and standard dimensions for a smaller shelter are 2,4 x 2,4 m.  Shelters are equipped with devices which need continuous power supply and controlled environment to ensure normal functioning.

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Custom made Go-Kart truck – for “360 Karting”

Mobile Go-Kart Truck is the first innovative concept of this kind which was technically developed and manufactured exclusively for Ensol 360 karting, which represents a mobile unit with an integrated and fully functional karting race track in segments of 300 meters in lenght and 4 Go-Kart vehicles. The object is movable from location to location (weekend events, weekly events) according to pre-agreed terms.

The assembly comes to the location on a truck trailer. The process of preparing the object begins with the opening of the rear door and the unloading of the elements from the back (repair workshop for the Go-Karts) and preparation of the rest of the operating elements. Following the procedure, the next step is the opening of the upper and lower “wings”, installation of stairs, fences and the upper terrace with canvas shelter. At the same time, race track is being installed and Go-Karts are being prepared. In only a couple of hours with two to three people, the Mobile Go-Kart Truck facility is ready for operation.

  • Sliding doors are made of EUROmodul PREMIUM aluminium profiles, with a niche for self-service vending machines, reception desk for issuance of helmets before the race.
  • Entry in the Mobile Truck for guests and clients is possible from both sides with stairs installed on ground terrace. There are path marks and one-way navigation to help direct people when moving through the facility.

The prefabricated module made of zinced and painted steel is permanently installed on trailer with a façade of perforated metal cassettes and backlight lighting. Openable terraces, upper and lower “wings” are calculated for a static load of 750 kg / m2.

The facility is equipped with an audio speaker system built-in the side “wings”. Decorative LED lighting and branding of Go-Kart mobile truck offer a unique sight wich is combined with two LED TVs with output of pre-produced video content and performance analysis of comparative circuit lap times.

Upper terrace offers an elevated view on Go-Kart race track with elegant design chairs and tables. The floor is made of aluminum anti-slip surface, while the fence is made of canvas with a designer branding pattern. The terrace LED lighting is installed in the pillars supporting the canvas. In the winter, heaters can be placed at the same predetermined places.

The mobile truck prefabricated module is 13.6 m long and 2.5 m wide, and it allows the transport of the modular object on the truck trailer without additional permits for heavy duty transportation, which significantly reduces operating costs and speeds up the organization of transport.

  • The Mobile Track facility is designed to be self-sufficient, independent and operational with three to four people.
  • All of its elements are optimized to be quickly foldable and portable.
  • Mobile Track is one of the most technically complex facilities manufactured by the EUROmodul factory.
by NenadEM NenadEM

Swiss railways container wagon

We designed and produced custom made container for the technical maintenance service of Swiss railways. Container construction is in accordance with the calculated dynamic loads of container resulting from transit forces, and braking of the train locomotive.

The Swiss Railway (SBB) has to inspect bridges and retaining walls with special bridge inspection wagon. This car wagon is equipped with a special crane, a power and air pressure generator and the crew modul with service and common room. All structures must meet extensive and very detailed requirements. The groups include a useful life of 50 years, weather resistance in operating altitude up to 2000m, driving speeds up to 120 km/h, operational capability in the temperature range between -25 ° to + 45 ° C.

In addition, all building materials used must comply with the European railway standards 5510-2 and fire protection standards in the transport industry EN 45545-2 SN HL2 / DIN S2 / 3 and show their special authorization. Each building material is subject to approval and must be approved by SBB.

All production is subject to the geometric railway standards which means that with a classical cubic container construction only an interior height of 2.05m is available.

As the subcontractor of the Swiss Josef Meyer Railway AG and supplier of crew modul team module we decided together with our customer to develop a modular construction design analogous to the classical railway passenger wagon with a continuous barrel roof and canopies on both sides. The module housing is a galvanized metal structure, all parts are welded and multilayer painted.

Object dimension 2700x5500x2923mm, with curved roof radius of 2000mm. The roof console passes over the heads of construction 1000 mm on each side. The structure consists of galvanized profile, with reinforcements in the roof and cassettes in the wall which reinforce object for the loads which occur during train movement. The walls and roof are insulated with 100 mm rock wool, while the floor is from cement chipboard and PVC. The walls and ceiling are covered with sheet metal cassette. The whole object is painted with special coatings and paints upon specification of the Swiss railways.

Container is prepared for installation of electronics – control units and management tools machines for railway maintenance. Interior design is carried out in accordance with the pendulum industry standard with all necessary certificates for use.

We are able to offer rapid and effective solutions of design and production of special prefabricated buildings for various purposes.

by NenadEM NenadEM

Stainless steel toilet for oil platform – Custom made

For specific purposes EUROmodul has designed, developed and manufactured sanitary upon very complex and demanding request. This ‘Custom made’ sanitary is destinated to the oil platform and customized for non-standard conditions such as very low temperatures and high salinity.

The exterior design and facades, as well as the inner walls and floor are made of quality material stainless steel type AISI 316 which is corrosion-resistant.

Sanitary module is tailor-made in every way suited to the existing infrastructure of oil platform. Sanitary module is connected to a central vacuum system and the grounding system. Wiring and ventilation system are made upon the EX standard.

We design and build sanitary module in specific dimensions in order to optimize transportation costs and meet the requirements of the loading / unloading as well as manipulation and placement of modules on an oil rig.

EUROmodul KNOW HOW in cooperation with our long term partners with the development of vacuum sanitation systems resulted in the project which enables a system that performs smooth functionality for the demanding use conditions.

by NenadEM NenadEM

Custom made, refurbishment shipping containers

For the known client, EUROmodul readjust standard shipping containers with custom made metal cassettes facade and thermal isolation. Containers will store high quality and sensitive electronic equipment for army usage. Instand of technical containers, EUROmodul adjusted shipping containers for accomodation and storage / maintenance.

The construction of marine container is sandblasted, corrosion protected and painted with special RAL white.Secondary roof and facades are transported separately and can install or uninstall every time while container needs to be transported on other location.

by NenadEM NenadEM

Telecommunication container complex for railways in Kazakhstan

EUROmodul has engineered and manufacture 18 objects assambled of seven custom made container modules for the needs of KDZ (Kazakhstan State Railways). Facilities will be installed every 25 kilometers of the route, equipped with telecommunications equipment of companies Bombardier and Siemens for the communication between trains.

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Custom made container complex in Basel

Design, engineering and manufacturing of individual, custom made substructure, office and storage containers for one of the biggest logistic companies in Switzerland. EUROmodul engineers adopted standard containers to location requirements, inside logistic warehouse hall in Basel. Custom made,innovative substructure is installed for height adjustment before containers installation.

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Technical containers for vacuum cleaners equipment

Premium brand from Germany which is manufacturing high pressure cleaners order custom made special technical 40 feet ( 12 meters ) containers. EUROmodul manufactured and fur filled all requested requirements. Containers are designed according to the specific requirements in terms of stability, load capacity of the floor and roof. In technical containers is installed mechanical equipment for cleaning trams and trains. Delivery is on known location in Switzerland.

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Telecommunication containers for Azerbaijan

After the successful delivery and satisfaction of the EUROmodul clients of first four telecommunications containers delivery in 2013 for the known client from Azerbaijan, we ended up in May of 2014 manufacturing an additional four special containers for installation of telecommunication and navigation equipment.

The containers are equipped with special air condition system to ensure proper work of sensitive equipment. In addition, EUROmodul fireproof system managment; alarm and shutdown of electrical current to protect interior and equipment from flame descruction, because the containers are placed in remote and inaccessible locations.