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Telecommunication containers for Azerbaijan

After the successful delivery and satisfaction of the EUROmodul clients of first four telecommunications containers delivery in 2013 for the known client from Azerbaijan, we ended up in May of 2014 manufacturing an additional four special containers for installation of telecommunication and navigation equipment.

The containers are equipped with special air condition system to ensure proper work of sensitive equipment. In addition, EUROmodul fireproof system managment; alarm and shutdown of electrical current to protect interior and equipment from flame descruction, because the containers are placed in remote and inaccessible locations.

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Custom made mobile container laboratory

Hand crafted, custom made technical laboratory container with specialised use as mobile laboratory which is installed permanent on special Mercedes truck. Container route will be located in Russia for oil fields investigation. Special attention in the technical project of container was on the dynamics of the structure. After first container prototype in late 2013., EUROmodul manufactured 10 pcs till middle of 2014. for known client.

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Mobile laboratories – Kazakhstan

For the needs of company from Kazakhstan EUROmodul design and manufacture two mobile laboratories for the monitoring of the automation in the oil fields in Kazakhstan. Construction of mobile lab is based on project documentation of EUROmodul containers system and its individually tailored to customer requirements. The laboratories are fully equipped to meet individual client wishes.

Autonomy of work in the field and supplying of water is ensured by heated and controlled tank, which is able to work in all temperature conditions prevailing in the field of temps -35 C to +40 C.

The client was introduced to the production process and capacities of EUROmodul container factories during a visit in early March of 2014. and agreed on further cooperation.

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Technical containers

We have designed and manufacture a 20 pieces of special technical containers for installing water filtration system. Dimensions of containers are ranged from 4m, 8m, 9m and 11m. EUROmodul has also designed and manufacture the front door and the greater strength of the floor as many times so far to individual requirements of clients. Containers are mounted in Greece, Saudi Arabia and England.

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Container complex – cabins for smokers

EUROmodul kompleks za pušače

EUROmodul manufactured containers for smokers according Swiss standards and individual customer wishes. Layout ande design of containers are synchronized to the original façade of the building on which they are mounted. The modules are highly insulated with a ventilation system. Group EUROmodul Switzerland installed containers on the roof of production facility for known customers in the Canton of Bern, Switzerland.