by Kristina Ćopić Kristina Ćopić

E house Containers – shelters for switchgears

EUROmodul produces CUSTOM e house containers for high and low voltage Switchgears, Transformers and Automation equipment.

Containers/shelters are made as durable units for heavy duty industrial environments, such as mines. Containers are designed to withstand dynamite blast waves while located in the mines.

Their structure resembles small shipping containers, however we offer more flexibility with different dimensions, door positions and openings.

All of the steel elements are sand blasted after welding and painted in coating system C5 for extreme site conditions. Door hardware is by Bloxwitch, and doors are designed to seal the container completely when closed.

If you have a need for a customized high quality e house – please contact us!

by NenadEM NenadEM

Custom made, refurbishment shipping containers

For the known client, EUROmodul readjust standard shipping containers with custom made metal cassettes facade and thermal isolation. Containers will store high quality and sensitive electronic equipment for army usage. Instand of technical containers, EUROmodul adjusted shipping containers for accomodation and storage / maintenance.

The construction of marine container is sandblasted, corrosion protected and painted with special RAL white.Secondary roof and facades are transported separately and can install or uninstall every time while container needs to be transported on other location.

by NenadEM NenadEM

Telecommunication container complex for railways in Kazakhstan

EUROmodul has engineered and manufacture 18 objects assambled of seven custom made container modules for the needs of KDZ (Kazakhstan State Railways). Facilities will be installed every 25 kilometers of the route, equipped with telecommunications equipment of companies Bombardier and Siemens for the communication between trains.

by NenadEM NenadEM

Telecommunication containers for Azerbaijan

After the successful delivery and satisfaction of the EUROmodul clients of first four telecommunications containers delivery in 2013 for the known client from Azerbaijan, we ended up in May of 2014 manufacturing an additional four special containers for installation of telecommunication and navigation equipment.

The containers are equipped with special air condition system to ensure proper work of sensitive equipment. In addition, EUROmodul fireproof system managment; alarm and shutdown of electrical current to protect interior and equipment from flame descruction, because the containers are placed in remote and inaccessible locations.