Kategorija javne sanitarije

EUROmodul is the leading producer of prefabricated modular public toilets in south east Europe. There are several types of modular toilets and their areas of application:

  • Container toilets for construction sites and temporary container complexes
  • Classic public toilet for city infrastructures and urban areas as well as tourist centers and sites
  • Automatic public toilets which are self-cleaning (automatic washing and disinfection process after each use) also equipped with high quality sanitary equipment
  • Autonomous toilets – toilets completely independent of infrastructure installations on site (no water or sewage supply necessary)
  • Prefab toilet units – bathroom pods. Constructions intended for use in finishing of large construction projects, complete prefabricated units are transported to location and built in traditional buildings – hotels, apartment buildings, etc. This type of lightweight toilet/bathroom construction (fully equipped and finished) allows for major savings in the project, as well as saves time and provides flexibility of projects.