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Technical container shelters

EUROmodul data centri


With over two decades of experience in area of telecommunications containers, we have developed so that we can answer all specific requirements of our clients. EUROmodul designs and produces custom made containers according to the client’s requests for cellular and landline telephone networks (GSM, UMTS, WLL), wireless stations etc.

Mobile container laboratories for different purposes

Mobile container laboratories are designed specifically for an adapted container construction with precise statics and dynamics calculations. Container laboratories are used for different purposes, mostly for on location mine and gas field testing for inaccessible locations. EUROmodul has created a unique product in cooperation with Mercedes-Benz and partners, you can find out more about it here:

Container-Laboratory equipment

Mobile laboratories are used for different purposes and equipped accordingly. In case a laboratory should be autonomous, the units is equipped with a generator and connected to the power converter on the truck. As a standard, laboratories can be connected to the city power supply. Generally, equipment will depend on the particular project, and EUROmodul is able to accommodate all requirements with our custom-made solutions.

  • Mobile laboratory – container as a permanent unit mounted on truck trailer.

Technical containers

EUROmodul is specialized in production of individual containers for aggregate installations, compressor equipment etc. These types of containers can also be used for weather

We also offer custom made solutions for special containers used as permanent laboratories which are mounted on the truck trailer. Such trailer laboratories are commonly used in Russia for oil and gas quality testing in inaccessible locations.

Custom designed elements, created to be combined with necessary equipment (tools and machinery) result in high quality and long-term solutions for mobile container laboratories!

Custom made solutions

Design and layout of technical containers are created completely according to the clients request and needs, along necessary equipment which needs to be installed. EUROmodul can custom design technical containers with specific load capacity, fire restistance requirements, and indoor conditions that need to be maintained – such as temperature, humidity level, etc.  Custom built solutions are always created as a result from cooperation with clients, to ensure highest possible level of quality and satisfaction.