by Kristina Ćopić Kristina Ćopić

Long term cooperation between Euromodula and company ‘Sigma’ from Kula, is based around EUROmodul providing technical containers in which ‘Sigma’ implements their water treatment equipment. This cooperation is especially valuable during present, a time of crisis, due to Coronavirus pandemic. The container stations are fitted with sodium hypochlorite water treatment plant.

Sodium hypochlorite is the only substance considered safe for prevention and disinfection from Corona viruses. The compound has been approved by European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control as well as WHO.

Thus, Serbian Government is putting in measures to prevent shortages of this biocide and disinfectant. In agreement with the company ‘Sigma’, who is the only manufacturer of this equipemnt in the Southeast Europe,  the government is working on a solution to provide a constant supply during the pandemic.

The mini plant for water disinfection is fitted inside EUROmodul’s containers which provides mobility to the station and a quick reaction for supply of new stations.

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