Stambeni i kancelarijski kontejneri


Container homes can be either used for accommodation for workers on site or as bungalows, cabins, camper homes, private houses or apartment blocks. All constructions used in container homes are statically calculated for stacking up to G + 2 floor. Connection on site of a number of modules forms container home complexes. Modular prefabricated container home system allows simple extensions of the buildings or modification at any time.


Building elements, such as insulation, doors and windows, exterior and interior design, are all optional and can be specifically chosen and built in, therefore, when it comes to design, options are practically limitless! EUROmodul offers personalized design and production in accordance with your solutions and specifications. Container homes can also be of PREMIUM quality, check out what our premium buildings look like.

For living container complexes which are mounted in far off locations (over 500 km) from our factory, we offer modules produced in FLAT PACK version in order to ensure lower transport costs. FLAT PACK containers are completely demountable and transported in a packet and assembled on site. When fully assembled and mounted FLAT PACK containers are no different than other containers completely assembled in factory.

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