Modularna kancelarija Švajcarska

Modular containers as Office spaces and buildings are used mostly on construction sites or company properties. They can also be installed on residential plots, for a temporary space, accommodation, canteen, magazine or medical building.

Whether a ground-level or multi-storey space solution is needeed, with our constructions can support the project. We offer types STANDARD or EUROSTANDARD <nd the flexibility to expand or downgrade site containers is possible at any time.

Both series are available in different predetermined lengths and heights, and also in special sizes according to specific projects of investors.

Containers are often used as:

office containers for construction sites or as a multi-year temporary facility / office container
housing single container or container housing settlements, kindergartens, schools.
storage containers, warehouse containers
ambulatory containers or permanent facilities clinics, health centers, hospitals.
kitchen containers for construction sites
mobile containers for restaurants, fast food, snack bars…
The container structure is obviously optimal for transport dimensions, but needs to be accordingly adapted for accomodation with:

add on installations

required thermal and sound insulation

We have developed various systems of modular – container type installation which are modified from their ‘initial use’ as transportable, temporarly low cost storage or accomodation to nowdays most frequently developed especially for hospitals, kindergardens, retirement homes etc in Switzerland which adequately sattisfies the minimal structural applications for Minergie standards of cost effective, low consumption modular buildings. Switzerland is our primary market for deliveries of that kind as EUROmodul is presently the only producer capable of following last trends to satisfy legal minimum, certifications needed as well as guidances for that kind of application. In our production line we call that Premium which is made than according special requerements for the project, from the start to the end.

Contact us for an offer that includes the spatial concept, transportation and installation.

Materials: Zinced steel / colored in RAL by wish of customer
Equipment: individual - by request of customer


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