Prefabricated buildings are solutions of container systems for fast on-site assembly

EUROmodul container systems

Container systems have an important position within construction industry. With vast areas of application as well as flexibility in terms of execution and choices of materials, type of insulation, doors and windows, façade finishing etc. Containers are customized with respect to its intended purpose, and apart from standard models and dimensions which are produced serially, we can also offer custom made options in accordance with your specific requirement.

Prefabricated buildings can be used for various purposes:
  • Office containers on construction sites
  • accommodation for workers on sites
  • Housing containers, smaller units or container housing complexes in economy or premium execution
  • Containers as emergency shelters for refugees, displaced persons, in case of natural disasters
  • Containers for emergency clinic, or permanent clinic units, community Health centre, laboratory containers
  • Containers as dining areas, canteens and kitchens for workers on construction sites.
  • Modular buildings for different uses: Car Wash, garages, storage areas…

For premium prefabricated buildings see modular buildings