EUROmodul hotel za studente u Berlinu

EUROmodul – modular buildings

Modular building is a revolutionary area of contruction industry, when it comes to time efficieny of production and on-site assembly. Thanks to the categorisation of modular buildings as temporary, time required for acquisition of necessary permits is minimal. All of these factors contribute to lowering of the cost and shortening of the time for project completion.
EUROmodul modular building system is based on the construction designed in accordance to the client’s request.

Modular buildings are formed with a simple interconnection system and attachment on site. Modules are prefabricated in our plant and usually transported on location in semi-assembled form, depending on the dimensions of a single module. When in comes to the size and layout of the buildings, options are practically limitless. By connecting the modules on site, we create complete buildings for different purposes: from kindergartens, hospitals, to student accomodation, hotels and office spaces.

Modular building system allows for buildings of up to four levels with both internal and outside staircase options. When it comes to design and outside appearance options are limitless and can be completely customized to individual requests. Please refer to the gallery below to see some of our completed projects in this area.

Turnkey solutions

Euromodul offers project solutions based on turnkey system: From desgning and project documentation, to procution and complete on-site execution, icluding foundation works and assembly. We also offer solution where the client can complete part of the works independently or in cooperation with partners.

Project design

If your project is only in its initial stage, and you are intested in a modular solution we can offer you project designing service, inclusing all drawings, visualisations and calculations for you to be able to apply for a permit.

EUROmodul’s Prefab bathroom pods

Prefabricated bathroom pods are in-factory produced sanitary modules or construction used as solutions in construction industry. This is a special type of sanitary units, manufactured as a complete product with finishings or up to 95% in-factory completed module. The rest of the works is usually carried out on site during installation into the mostly completed buildings.

Bathroom pods are used for its quick production time and assembly for a large scope of buildings such as hotels, hospitals, apartments, student accomodation, retirement homes etc. They are a high-quality, factory controlled modular construction solution.

All of the sanitary equipmen: showers, sinks, toilets and ceramic tiles and fixtures are built in controlled factory conditions. This practically eliminates the ‘construction season’ which restricts constuction works to the summer season. This enables huge savings both in terms of time and costs.

This type of light, prefabricated sanitary units allows for substantial savings both for investors and developers. Deadlines in construction projects are met easily, due to production process flexibility and control.

Bespoke modular bathroom pods

We offer custom solutions specified in accordance with the investor’s requests. For project-specific bathroom pod solutions wa tailor all the finishes to suit the onsite construction and design.

Check out the challenging project we completed in Croatia here.