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Automatic hand wash basin

Public toilet sensor hand wash module is inbuilt module which is present in configurations as part of standard equipment of EUROmodul manual and automatic public toilets – restrooms which consists of:

  • stainless steel imbuildt handbasin (antivandal)
  • soap dispenser, sensor operated
  • water tap, sensor operated
  • hand dryer, sensor operated

All functions of hand wash basin are marked by pictograms. Pictogram stickers are mirror printed behind plexiglass for better resistance against anti vandal force

Advantages of sensor hand wash

EUROmodul developed concept of hand wash basins for easy installation in already existing public toilets. Client needs to remove existing ceramic basin and replace it with our system.

Anti vandal hand wash unit has many advantages instand of ceramic, traditional basin.

  • innovative design and usage
  • enviroment friendy: saves water, electricity and soap
  • fast installation
  • anti vandal concept
  • lifetime, durable stainless steel material

Design and customisation

if you are not prefering stainless steel look, we are able to provide you hand wash basin in any RAL color chart. Powdercoating will protect stainless steel surface and adopt colors to your toilet interior design.

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