Magic Box II dezinfikator

Automatic toilet seat cleaning – disinfection unit Magic Box II

Magic Box II device is self cleaning toilet module that can act as heart of automatic self cleaning public toilet. Optionally, as separate self cleaning toilet seat / bowl unit with installation in different finished buildings as hospitals, railway stations, public bus platforms, shopping malls, etc..

  • Magic Box II by standard is installed in EUROmodul prefabricated public toilets where process of toilet seat disinfection will start automatically after user leave the toilet user space.

Installing Magic Box II into already finished toilet user space (airport or railway stations) can be done very easily due plug n play installation system. Toilet seat disinfection process and bowl  flush will start when user touch the LED button before leaving user space.

installation in already existing public toilets:

  • airports
  • railway stations
  • hospitals
  • clubs and restaurants
  • hotels and motels
  • etc…

Last 15 years of developing, testing, details quality enhancing is resault of EUROmodul long experience that gives to client / public toilet user enviromentally friendly product wich saves water and electricity.

Quality and durability

Our quality is recognize by many customers in the World where our self cleaning units and self cleaning public toilets are installed. You can find them in Switzerland, Germany, Armenia, Ukraine, Russia, Croatia, Serbia, etc…

Materials: stainless steel aisi 304 or 316
powdercoated in RAL color by wish
HPL laminates with different patterns


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