by NenadEM NenadEM

EUROmodul engineer, manufacture and installed energy efficient PREMIUM prefabricated modular building 15m x 7,4m for the known client in Switzerland assambled of five low-power modules within a production facility for the office purposes. Energy Efficient modular building is manufactured according to exacting Swiss building standards. The energy efficient modules are mounted in one piece – modular building on a raised platform made of reinforced concrete pillars and steel structure

EUROmodul energy efficient prefabricated buildings are manufacturing according to the energy efficiency requirements and specifications of the client – the country where the modular building or module will be installed.

Thermal insulation of modular building BioFamily Swiss is made of the mineral wool 200mm in accordance with EUROmodul PREMIUM prefabrication standard. Outter facades are made of powder-coated galvanized metal sheet known as EUROmodul BASIC option,  while interior walls are covered with gypsum panels painted in white. Double walls and noise barriers allow the smooth operation of the employees inside the building.

Entrance doors are manufactured of EUROmodul PREMIUM ALU profiles with thermal bridge and fire resistance class F30 + windows of PVC with thermal bridge and double glass chamber with thermal conductivity K = 1.1.

  •   Prefabricated building – fire resistance class F30!