by NenadEM NenadEM

For the purpose of a presentation and sales of used vehicles, EUROmodul have engineered and manufactured custom made office container for the dealership NEOSTAR – Zubak according to the client requirements. Dimension of object are 9,125 x 2,438 mm, painted in RAL 7021 with backlit advertising jumbo billboard space on the roof.

Sales office container within dimensions of 9,0 x 2,45 m is equipped with insulating glass wall that consists of a fixed window and the automatic sliding door made of aluminum frames with interrupted thermal bridge for better thermal conductivity in RAL color that match outer facade. Canopy is made of profiled metal sheet fixed on the substructure, bordered and supported by steel columns. Insulation of custom made office container is made according to the EUROmodul EUROSTANDARD specification additionally equipped by gypsum boards in the interior. The roof liner is made of acoustic plaster board with round holes.

Within retail container space is fitted toilets equipped with toilet bowl, sink and other sanitary equipment with wiring for full functionality and connection to the main water supply and drain. Beside toilet, object is equiped with electrical and water installations for kitchenette assembly that includes a sink, refrigerator, water heater and kitchen cabinets.

Heating and cooling of the container was carried out with the 3.5 kW air-conditioning power – inverter system. Outdoor AC unit is located inside the container to keep clean facade appearance.

Terrace is on the entry side to the office container, made of steel grid painted in the RAL color same as facade walls while treads are covered with Twinson flooring. For the purpose of installation and leveling, EUROmodul inbuilt into the terrace substructure threaded rods with base plates to adjust the height to equalize the level of the entrance into the container.

On the roof of office container is mounted steel frame on which are placed advertising canvases. Backlight lighting is derived with reflectors to illuminate the all four sides of the advertising space in the total length of the building.