by NenadEM NenadEM

For the largest Croatian manufacturer of bakery products MLINAR, EUROmodul designed and produced large quantity of custom made kiosks type 3400 within dimensions 6m x 2.5m according to individual specification. Its simple design and facade made of wooden planks, kiosk fit  naturaly at the location in the green belt close to the sea side.

EUROmodul is the largest manufacturer of kiosks in South-Eastern Europe with experience in designing and manufacturing of long 27 years, produced tens of thousands of different prefabricated buildings.

For the purposes of company MLINAR, we customised standard kiosk design model 3400 according to the desired specifications. Kiosk is produced by the intended to sale of bakery products. Thermal insulation of walls, floors and the roof is made of polyurethane panels, while facade is made of impregnated wooden slats painted in RAL gray.

Front desk within entire length is closing by galvanized roll shutter powered by electricity. Rollo shutter is powdercoated in RAL gray to match the facade of the building. Electric, water and telephone installations are hidden in the walls on which were placed white tiles. Floor is covered with anti-slip tiles in a neutral brown color. Staff entry door is manufactured by EUROmodul PREMIUM ALU profile with anti-vandal protection.

  • Attractive advertising kiosk cap with four additional advertising spaces is backlight illuminated.