by NenadEM NenadEM

We designed and produced temporary prefabricated building made up of containers in a short time period for the temporary school in Switzerland. EUROSTANDARD containers are connected in a system to the whole building  with overall dimensions of 27m x 14,6m.

Stairs, railings and platforms are manufactured from hot galvanized steel segment in the factory and are connected on the site while we assembly the building. The inner room of prefabricated building will be used for classrooms, locker rooms and other school activities of students and professors.

Sanitary facilities were performed in accordance to EU DIN standard for a handicapped persons as male / female toilet cubicles. On the roof of the sanitary containers was carried out a terrace with a floor and a fence that is reachable through the central corridor. Containers are equipped with LED illumination to follow the requirements and regulations of the Swiss Energy Act. Heating is done with special high-efficiency air conditioners.

The building has a system of ‘turnkey’ with interior space previously defined by the client.