by NenadEM NenadEM

For the known client from the town Cologne in Germany, EUROmodul preliminary elaborated, engineered, manufactured and installed an autonomous toilet cabin, which is mounted in existing object – workshop, which has no connection to the plumbing and sewage network system. Toilet is anti-vandal and composed of the user area and the technical area.

Autonomous toilet user space consists of:

  • sliding wooden door with occupied / free indicators
  • partition panels
  • anti-slip sheet on the floor
  • anti-vandal stainless steel toilet bowl with built manually flushing
  • Holder of toilet paper
  • toilet brush holder
  • stainless steel sink and faucet
  • soap dispenser
  • lighting
  • fan

Technical space with accompanying equipment for autonomous sanitary facility consist of:

  • water tank 400 liters
  • black water tank 450 liters
  • stand for tanks
  • hydropak to achieve water pressure
  • hydropak Holding tank
  • current installation fuse
  • plumbing and sewage pipes
  • The outer wall was built up
  • Vent sewage tank
  • shaft with connector for charging and discharging the water tank sewage tank
  • fan

Business or work space can be equipped with installation of EUROmodul autonomous toilet cabin equipped with tanks and rise up the quality of the area to a higher level.

  • The installation at the site should be completed within one or two business days, depending of the existing facility site complexity.