by NenadEM NenadEM

EUROmodul provide designed, manufactured and installed two prefabricated public toilets with a stone facade and gabled roof, custom made according to the technical requirements and specifications of known client at the public beach Medina on the island of Krk.  Prefabricated public toilet user spaces are divided into; male / female and disabled people in accordance with DIN EU standards.

Prefabricated toilets are made of the container base type EUROmodul EUROSTANDARD with insulation derived from polyurethane panels 60mm and further produced and built a gabled roof clad with sheet metal tiles imitation in brown colour, gutters for drainage and facade of stone blocks Castel. Flooring of the toilet user spaces is derived from the cement board on which are placed ceramic tiles according to customer choice. Entrance doors are manufactured by EUROmodul PREMIUM ALU profiles in blue colour performed with electric lock and coin box billing entrance. Electrical and plumbing installations are behind walls.

On the back side of the prefab building is the entrance to baby changing area equipped EUROmodul baby table and area for the wardrobe with hangers for clothes. Lighting inside the toilet user spaces turns up by motion sensors which contributes to save electricity.

In user space for disabled persons, according to EU DIN standard is built-in SOS panic button for emergency cases right next to the toilet bowl. The system is equipped with an external siren and LED  illumination marks on the toilet facade. Toilet user spaces ventilation is derived from a ceiling vent system and the calculated flow for fresh air.

Public toilet is designed, protected and adopted (galvanized steel and painted profiles) for set up in the immediate vicinity of the sea – the high-frequency tourist public beach. With adequate maintenance, the estimated shelf life during its exploitation is 30-50 years. EUROmodul modular buildings, containers can be adapted to consistent placement in various locations in the cities or the countryside. Implementation of real stone for the facade material of a sanitary facility provide a native visual impact and building looks like a concrete constructed object. The great advantage of EUROmodul prefabricated buildings are the possibility of its transfer on new location if necessary.

As we noted, the building facades often accompany the location where the prefab public toilets will be installed. For example, we installed different facade types; wood – wooden logs (continental regions, national parks, forests, etc.), Sep facade, stone facade (coast), the façade of HPL laminate , facade composed of metal tape in the color of choice, or stainless steel and so on.