by NenadEM NenadEM

For the purposes of our partner in Kazakhstan, EUROmodul design and manufacture public toilet with innovative vacuum toilet bowl for the city of Astana.Public toilet ESSENTIAL  is presented at the International Forum «HUS-Expo-2014», Astana- Public toilet has two separate user space cabins; male / female and user space for people with disablities

Both cabins are equipped with “EUROmodul” system for heating and ventilation, with an emphasis on the reuse of already heated air. This enables the use of toilets and during extremely low air temperatures when the cabin warms the min. 15 C.

Vacuum flushing toilet system provide possibility for installation on locations with no outlets for water, sewerage and enormous water savings because instead of the classic 7l flushing uses only 0.7l.

Toilet is equipped with a payment machine which works on coins and bills, while all interior user space cabins are protected from vandalism.

Public toilet type “Essential” will be exposed for a period of 18-19.11.2014 year at the “HPF -Expo-2014” in Astana. Public Toilet is designed by Karlo Babic, EUROmodul design studio CEO.