by NenadEM NenadEM

EUROmodul provide once again fast development and manufacturing for known client. Project is settled in Switzerland for stadium Winterthur with different anti-vandal container system. We provided 5 pcs. of different toilet container which one of them is adopted for disabled persons. Beside sanitary containers, EUROmodul manufactured custom made cathering – kitchen container with inbuild stainless steel equipment.

Facade and interior walls are made of metal cassettes to provide anti vandal proofness. Thermal isolation in floor and roof are made of mineral wool within thickness of 100 mm. Electroinstallation and water installation according to Swiss standards are manufactured complitly at EUROmodul factories.

Dimensions of cathering containers are outstanding and custom made with widht of 3,6m and lenght of 6m, while sanitary containers are kept with standard 6m x 2,45m. Containers are painted in chamber according to automotive industry standards to RAL black color. Front lifting counters are made of steel to protect interior of container – kiosk during closing hours. Lifting of counters are through shock absorbers.

Once again, EUROmodul know how and fast development is the result of satisfied clients.