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Technical shelters and containers
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We make a custom technical shelters for your equipment

Euromodul is a manufacturer of custom prefabricated modules for different industrial applications and uses. With over 25 years of experience in the engineering and manufacture of different types of modules, we are eager to take on new challenges every day.

Technical equipment is often sensitive and may require relocations, in these cases prefabricated modular shelters are perfect solutions. Technical shelters offer the possibility of a high level of protection and additional equipment for a plug-and-play solution for your equipment.

EUROmodul tehnički kontejneri

Technical shelters are mostly used for:

Process equipment for oil rigs

Power plants

Installation of measuring control equipment

Water treatment

Cold storages

Transformer stations

Gas analyzers

Diesel generators



Design and layout of technical containers are created completely according to the client's request and needs, along with necessary equipment that needs to be installed.

EUROmodul can custom design technical containers with specific load capacity, fire resistance requirements, and indoor conditions that need to be maintained – such as temperature, humidity level, etc. Custom-built solutions are always created as a result of cooperation with clients, to ensure the highest possible level of quality and satisfaction.

Whatever your project, there is a chance a technical shelter will be necessary thanks to its modularity and ability to customize it. If you need a technical shelter or need more information about different options, please CONTACT US.