Mobile Go-Kart Truck is the first innovative concept of this kind which was technically developed and manufactured exclusively for Ensol 360 karting, which represents a mobile unit with an integrated and fully functional karting race track in segments of 300 meters in lenght and 4 Go-Kart vehicles. The object is movable from location to location (weekend events, weekly events) according to pre-agreed terms.

Mobile Go-Kart truck – 360 Karting

The assembly comes to the location on a truck trailer. The process of preparing the object begins with the opening of the rear door and the unloading of the elements from the back (repair workshop for the Go-Karts) and preparation of the rest of the operating elements. Following the procedure, the next step is the opening of the upper and lower “wings”, installation of stairs, fences and the upper terrace with canvas shelter. At the same time, race track is being installed and Go-Karts are being prepared. In only a couple of hours with two to three people, the Mobile Go-Kart Truck facility is ready for operation.

  • Sliding doors are made of EUROmodul PREMIUM aluminium profiles, with a niche for self-service vending machines, reception desk for issuance of helmets before the race.
  • Entry in the Mobile Truck for guests and clients is possible from both sides with stairs installed on ground terrace. There are path marks and one-way navigation to help direct people when moving through the facility.

“Wings” with static load for 750kg / m2

The prefabricated module made of zinced and painted steel is permanently installed on trailer with a façade of perforated metal cassettes and backlight lighting. Openable terraces, upper and lower “wings” are calculated for a static load of 750 kg / m2.

Equipment on the terrace

The facility is equipped with an audio speaker system built-in the side “wings”. Decorative LED lighting and branding of Go-Kart mobile truck offer a unique sight wich is combined with two LED TVs with output of pre-produced video content and performance analysis of comparative circuit lap times.

Upper terrace offers an elevated view on Go-Kart race track with elegant design chairs and tables. The floor is made of aluminum anti-slip surface, while the fence is made of canvas with a designer branding pattern. The terrace LED lighting is installed in the pillars supporting the canvas. In the winter, heaters can be placed at the same predetermined places.

The mobile truck prefabricated module is 13.6 m long and 2.5 m wide, and it allows the transport of the modular object on the truck trailer without additional permits for heavy duty transportation, which significantly reduces operating costs and speeds up the organization of transport.

  • The Mobile Track facility is designed to be self-sufficient, independent and operational with three to four people.
  • All of its elements are optimized to be quickly foldable and portable.
  • Mobile Track is one of the most technically complex facilities manufactured by the EUROmodul factory.