Public Toilet Solutions

Public toilets “EUROmodul”: Automatic self–cleaning, classic and autonomous (vacuum)

Exploring new frontiers, most of the things has been done. Most of the things have been achieved. Most of the goals have been set. So they say, where others tend to stop, we tend to move forward. We are not afraid to be the leaders of ingeniosity. Every day we create something new. We question everything, all over again, from the start. We are those who break new ground, investigate new concepts, make new perceptions, among other things with engineering of our public toilets

All EUROmodul public toilets are designed in accordance with local laws and are suitable for use by persons with disabilities. You can find out more about different models of APTs, theirs prices and available options from our catalogue, which we can send you by request.

EUROmodul is the leading producer of prefabricated modular public toilets in south east Europe. There are several types of modular toilets and their areas of application:

Classic public toilets

EUROmodul’s classic public toilets are modern units intended for use in city locations. Classic toilets are used in where necessary infrastructure is available: water and sewage connection. These toilets can be equipped with different quality levels of sanitary equipment, up to PREMIUM levels. Premium classic toilets have anti-vandal characteristics in order to ensure the safety and longevity of the equipment elements and toilet itself.

EUROmodul  toilets are custom made by request and apart from standard layouts and equipment. We can offer customized solutions for individual projects.

Automatic public toilets

“EUROmodul” automatic public toilets are self-cleaning (automatic washing and disinfection process after each use). They are equipped with high quality sanitary equipment. Automated toilets or automatic self cleaning public toilets’s exterior and interior design is adapted to modern or traditional urban centres, with various colour possibilities or patterns.


Washing, desinfection and drying of the toalet seat is completely automatic. Floor cleaning is done automatically after each or programmed use. Each APT – autometed public toilet depends on the habits of users in each country. Desinfector is a patented system, the heart of selfcleaning toilets. Jets of water are used to wash toilet seat and clean all residues. This is mechanical operation. Water is then treated with special detergent which produces chemical operation. Toilet seat dryer uses pressuirised air to completly clean water residues and dryes toilet seat. Unit desinfects the seat and prepare it for safe usage.

EUROmodul automatic toilets are a part of a collection which ensures simple and effective maintenance of hygiene and disinfection in public toilets. Automatic means that the cleaning and disinfection are conducted automatically after each use. This includes cleaning and disinfection of the toilet and toilet seat as well as floor cleaning (optional). All models of automatic toilets are equipped with a Handwash module which are sensor-activated, which also adds to the user experience and hygiene maintenance.


Per request, Automatic toilets can be equipped with high quality equipment and elements, such as high-end audio systems, GPS, GPRS systems, automatic door opening, user space occupancy control system, user security system (panic lighting, SOS button, alarm…).

Autonomous – vacuum public toilets

EUROmodul Autonomous public toilets are a part of special series which are developed to include both user space and technical space, and function completely autonomously, that is without the need for connection to existing water and sewage supply. Autonomous toilets employ tanks for clean and waste water and therefore allow for a large number of users per day, thanks to the special vacuum system that is used to significantly reduce water consumption.

Sanitary equipment

EUROmodul has been testing public toilets sanitary equipment for years, making it more user – friendly and of course, also longterm customer satisfactory. Anti vandal characteristics have been on the top of the list of priorities of our clients when longterm use and durability is concerned.

EUROmodul public restrooms has various advantages being hygenic, anti vandal, user friendly, technologically advanced etc…Public toilet equipment can be installed in prefabricated toilets or already exist public toilets user spaces.
Durable, quality materials with antivandal characteristics
custom made production according to project / your needs
In hand crafted manufacturing processes of restroom equipment, EUROmodul is using top quality stainless steel aisi 304 ( optionally 316 ) material.

Our sanitary equipment can be ordered separately, or as a part of our public toilets.