construction containers

Feel confident in your choice of EUROmodul’s container – we are a leading producer of construction containers for all purposes in Serbia and export to EU countries, Russia, Middle East and Africa.

In the manufacturing process we are using the latest materials for thermal insulation (Polyurethane, Mineral wool, IPN etc) as well as designer solutions for exterior façade and cladding in accordance with client’s requirements.
Standard EUROmodul construction containers are mostly used on construction sites or as living modules for custom made units in accordance with the investor’s requirements.

EUROmodul construction containers areas of use:

  • Office construction containers for contruction sites or as permanent office/ accomodation buildings.
  • Living container modules as stand-alone units or as container complexes for apartment complex, kindergartens, schools.
  • Flat-Pack containers in disassembled form, for installation in remote locations (over 1000km from our factory)
  • Storage containers, warehouse containers
  • Sanitary containers or public toilet units
  • First-aid containers or container ambulace, clinics etc.
  • Containers for canteen
  • Special containers for mobile service providers, telecommunication containers etc.
  • Mobile construction containers for catering, fast food containers, kiosks, modular restaurants, coffee shops…