EUROmodul – Nova Pazova, Serbia

Our history:

Foundation and Early Years: EUROmodul Serbia was established in 2005 in Nova Pazova as a greenfield investment for a container factory. Production began in 2006, focusing on living containers, kiosks, modular buildings, and urban equipment.

Growth and Development:

By 2009, EUROmodul Serbia had become one of the leaders in the regional market.  In 2013, two additional production halls were constructed, significantly increasing production capacity. From 2013 to 2020, there was a substantial export of modular buildings and public toilets to EU countries, Russia and Kazakhstan. Today, EUROmodul Serbia is known for its high-quality modular construction solutions and its commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction. The new EUROmodul factory in Nova Pazova has two production halls with a total area of 3,520 m² on a production site covering 21,200 m².

EUROmodul mission:

Design and produce top modular construction products tailored to client needs, offering fast and efficient solutions.

Our end goal for clients:

To provide clients with innovative, high-quality modular construction solutions that are not only efficient and cost-effective but also tailored to their unique needs.

EUROmodul values:

Cornerstone of our business is our commitment to excellence and integrity. Legal Compliance, Employee Welfare, Environmental Responsibility, Quality Management, Community Contribution

What product – service we do provide:

  • Modular Construction Projects: Designing, producing, and assembling custom made containers, modular buildings and public sanitary rooms.
  • Custom Solutions: Offering fully customized modular solutions for various sectors.
  • Sustainable Practices: Implementing sustainable and efficient construction methods that reduce costs and attract environmentally conscious clients.
  • Research and Development: Continuously investing in R&D to innovate and improve products and processes.

Case studies:

Explore our case studies to see examples related to each of our product groups.


ISO certificates and licenses are integral to EUROmodul ongoing compliance with legal regulations and standards.