EUROmodul has successfully completed the design, engineering, and manufacture of a special technical container for diesel generator storage in the field. Our client, a well-known telecommunication company, initiated this project.

Technical details for the container:

  • The container’s floor has been reinforced to support a load of over 2000 kg per m². This modified floor construction ensures endurance and mobility even under extreme conditions. The diesel generator installed in the container is manufactured by American company Perkins.

The Technical Container For Diesel Generator Storage, designed by EUROmodul, offers several benefits:

  1. Weather Protection:
    • It shields the generator from harsh weather conditions.
  2. Power Accessories:
    • The container can include power accessories such as circuit breakers, automatic transfer switches, and fuel tanks.
  3. Customization:
    • You can customize dimensions and add features like mufflers, burglary protection, and fire insulation.
  4. Access:
    • Large service double doors provide easy access.
  5. Floor Design:
    • The floor structure supports the generator and tank, featuring a non-slip steel surface for safety.
  6. Handling:
    • Containers can be manipulated using a crane or forklift due to their heavy weight.
  7. Insulation:
    • Fire-rated insulation and liquid containment trays are available.

Best practices for storing diesel for generators:

  • Underground Tanks:
    • Bury the tank underground.
  • Fire-Rated Room:
    • Install the tank within a fire-rated room.
  • Above-Ground Tank:
    • Use a fire-proof bund for above-ground tanks.

Remember that our Technical Container For Diesel Generator Storage is specifically designed for diesel storage, using special materials to resist corrosion and limit exposure to air and moisture.