EUROmodul designed, manufactured and installed for the client from Basel, Switzerland an prefabricated object – school with dimensions 15m x 6m, which consists of two classrooms for children with special needs. Facility is made of custom-made containers with customized low-energy construction PREMIUM modules.

The set consists of 5 modules which have length of 6,0m; width of 3,0m and an external height of 2,85m. Facilities are oversized and from the factory to the site we therefore organised oversize transport. EUROmodul is one of the few manufacturers that allows its customers to optimize at their maximum the facilities according to their wishes, which often means making facility of larger dimensions and better insulating material than the competition, which often can not or does not want to change their standard construction dimensions or methods of doing based on modern demands and wishes of the clients.

Transport and mounting

Container modules were merged on location in complex which makes prefabricated building next to the existing building. The essential we are making concrete pylons with the design grid for the required capacity of the facility for leveling with existing concrete elevated platform from which the classroom can be entered.

Water and electricity

In every classroom are wall-mounted wiring for inlet and drain for the accompanying sanitary equipment; sink, fawcets of hot and cold water, water boiler and other elements. Containers are equipped with PREMIUM wiring according to standards and certification of the Swiss market. Interior of rooms are equipped with ECO converter air conditioners 2.5kW with split system (heating + cooling).

Thermal Insulation

Requested fire walls between classrooms, corridors and toilets, for 30 minutes postpone prescribed fire upon requirements, and also address the application of noise reduction prescribed for school. Fire roads are signaled with emergency lighting, and the front door is installed with panic lock. Fire protection is emphasized by the door (EI30). EUROmodul incorporates quality materials that are characterized by satisfying at least minimal legal standards as well as our many years of know-how, studies and research. In order to meet customer requirements for low-energy certification, we have modified the structure of EUROSTANDARD container for mounting thermoinsulating PU panel thickness of 120 mm in the coated sections of gypsum (KNAUF) panels and three-layer PVC windows with heat transfer coefficient U = 1,0W / m2K.