EUROmodul designed, manufactured and installed custom made prefabricated building size 127m2 consisting of 8 pcs. EUROSTANDARD container modules with dimension. 6m x 2.43m, Thermically insulated with PU120mm for purposes of KIA MOTORS showroom – KIA Switzerland.

Superior level of manufacturing

Modular building consists of aluminum thermal bridge profiles with triple glazing mutually in VSG (safety glass) with electronic self-closing panic set and controlled entrance. The windows are made from PVC, with external blinds and manual controls.

Electroinstallation is made in accordance with local Swiss regulations and standards.Interior lighting consists of LED ceiling lights with hidden electrical cable installations. Heating and cooling is performed by inverter air conditioners while outter units are fitted inside the building facades. Emergency lighting for the safety outputs is derived in accordance with regulations in the event of a power failure.

Modular building is equipped with sanitary unit; toilet bowl, inbuilt watertank, sink, water heater and hidden water inlet and outlet installations – plumbing.

Car showroom

Since the objects are used as showrooms space for cars, the floor load is as high as 500kg/m2, with glass surfaces of 2,0 x 2,5 m that rapresent basic feature needed for this custom project. One module is equipped with garage doors for vehicle entrance. On the rooftop si prepared construction for advertising and a shelter in front of the entrance which is 5,0 x 1,0 m large.

Object complex is positioned on existing parking lot where the levelling is made with recycled rubber inserts.

Maximum individual customisation

EUROmodul is one of the few manufacturers that provides individual production of modular buildings and containers to customers according their wishes, in accordance with modern requirements of the market.