EUROmodul has started production for a total offered amount of 151 modular office, sanitary and living containers for German Market after signing a contract with Germany’s largest and one of the world’s leading companies specialized in short term rents, services and sales of modular buildings and containers.

Demanding delivery

In very demanding and short term delivery, EUROmodul organized and started production in August for the entire offered quantity of 151 container objects consisting of assembly – the complex of containers for accommodation, office and sanitary usage.

151 container – 2,175 m2

Container sizes have standard transport dimensions, length x width = 6058 x 2438 mm, the total height of 2815 mm and an internal height of 2500 mm. The structure is made from galvanized steel, insulation panels include mineral wool, of 100 and 150 mm.

  • The floor and roof are painted in corporate colors of the client, and the panels and pillars in RAL white.
  • Office and accommodation containers are manufacturing and delivering with doors, windows, partitions and installed electricity and lighting.
  • The sanitary container facilities consist of an entrance area, showers, water heaters, washbasins, toilet cabins and urinals with accompanying elements and equipment.

Design and KNOW-HOW

Elements and equipment which EUROmodul is installing is made of high quality materials in accordance with the strict German standards and laws. Engineering of modular buildings and containers, KNOW-HOW is performed by EUROmodul technical department while the production itself is in progress in one of EUROmodul factories in Serbia.

For the purposes of this demanding and fast serial production at a time when most of the other manufacturers and subcontractors are not working or booked for short delivery times, EUROmodul has further expanded its production – a storage area and production of this project is carried out in parallel with other contractual matters that EUROmodul is delivering monthly – student modular buildings in Berlin, production for Switzerland, the production lines for Russia and Kazakhstan.

This project EUROmodul further positioned itself as a leading project – engineering – manufacturing entity in the field of prefabricated buildings and containers facilities.