For the headquaters office of interventions service REGA Switzerland, we have designed and produced a special steel construction which we assembled as tailor made facility measuring 11 m x 8.6 m composed of EUROmodul EUROSTANDARD containers on two levels layed on zinced steel construction.

Thermal insulation and fireproofness

The insulation of prefabricated object REGA mounted near mountain Mollis / Glarus was performed according to Swiss standards of construction: exterior walls made with thermally insulated panel with thickness PU120mm, while the inner walls are covered with plaster board 2 x 12.5 mm in white color. Balcony doors and windows are made of EUROmodul PREMIUM aluminum profiles with interrupted thermal bridge and glass with thermal conductivity K = 1.3 W / m2K.

Fire-resistant prefabricated building was carried out according to standard EI30, which refers to the floor of the facility as well as the side walls of the ground floor and first floor.

Fire walls are appropriately designed walls that impede or limit the spread of fire to other parts of the building.

Electrical installation

Electrical installation of prefabricated building was carried out in accordance with Swiss requirements with automatic sensor management of LED lighting.

Toilet container

Within the building from the rear we installed a hot galvanized steel platform that connects EUROmodul sanitary container to other elements of assembly. Sanitary container is equipped with a high-class sanitary equipment (toilet bowl, sink, shower) with concealed installations.

The kitchen and dining room

The kitchen is made of custom made customer requirements with a built-in kitchen appliances for food preparation.

Stairs and railings

Railings, stairs and platforms are made of hot galvanized steel segments and screwed on site installed on prefabricated containers.

Custom made production

EUROmodul many times proved it’s know-how and high standards of design and manufacture of prefabricated buildings which is made at request upon customer specification. Installation of facility REGA was a big challenge, one of a variety of projects that we have manufactured and installed in the last 27 years of production.