For the purposes of one of the most famous Swiss hospitals in St. Gallen, company EUROmodul has made it possible – designed, manufactured and installed a custom-made prefabricated building which has dimensions of 25,0 x 6,0 m consisting of containers with custom specification on demand. The inner consists of technical rooms, mini-kitchen and sanitary space. Because of the requirement and discretion of the client, the images of HI-TECH interior we can not publish.

Sanitary space

In the middle of the building are located two toilets male / female equipped with EUROmodul sanitary equipment which includes toilets, concealed cisterns, basins, faucets, hot and cold water, LED lighting and sensors to save electricity.

Carport, platform and fence, stairs

At the entrance of the building is platform with railings and staircases made of hot galvanized steel. Above the landing set the marquee dimensions 25,0 x 2,0 m with associated construction and finishes.

Thermal insulation and wiring

With individual approach to the production of prefabricated building, EUROmodul meets the requirements of the clients in this case with the front door from reinforced aluminum profiles. Containers are fully equipped with premium electrical installations for high energy consumption according to standards and certification of the Swiss market.

In order to meet customer requirements for low-energy certification, we modified EUROSTANDARD construction container for mounting PU panels with thickness of 120 mm and three-layer PVC windows with heat transfer coefficient U = 1,0W / m2K.