We designed and produced custom made container for the technical maintenance service of Swiss railways. Container construction is in accordance with the calculated dynamic loads of container resulting from transit forces, and braking of the train locomotive.

The Swiss Railway (SBB) special wagon

The Swiss Railway (SBB) has to inspect bridges and retaining walls with special bridge inspection wagon. This car wagon is equipped with a special crane, a power and air pressure generator and the crew modul with service and common room. All structures must meet extensive and very detailed requirements. The groups include a useful life of 50 years, weather resistance in operating altitude up to 2000m, driving speeds up to 120 km/h, operational capability in the temperature range between -25 ° to + 45 ° C.

European railway standards 5510-2 and fire protection standards

In addition, all building materials used must comply with the European railway standards 5510-2 and fire protection standards in the transport industry EN 45545-2 SN HL2 / DIN S2 / 3 and show their special authorization. Each building material is subject to approval and must be approved by SBB.

All production is subject to the geometric railway standards

All production is subject to the geometric railway standards which means that with a classical cubic container construction only an interior height of 2.05m is available.

As the subcontractor of the Swiss Josef Meyer Railway AG and supplier of crew modul team module we decided together with our customer to develop a modular construction design analogous to the classical railway passenger wagon with a continuous barrel roof and canopies on both sides. The module housing is a galvanized metal structure, all parts are welded and multilayer painted.

Technical description of container

Object dimension 2700x5500x2923mm, with curved roof radius of 2000mm. The roof console passes over the heads of construction 1000 mm on each side. The structure consists of galvanized profile, with reinforcements in the roof and cassettes in the wall which reinforce object for the loads which occur during train movement. The walls and roof are insulated with 100 mm rock wool, while the floor is from cement chipboard and PVC. The walls and ceiling are covered with sheet metal cassette. The whole object is painted with special coatings and paints upon specification of the Swiss railways.

Container interior

Container is prepared for installation of electronics – control units and management tools machines for railway maintenance. Interior design is carried out in accordance with the pendulum industry standard with all necessary certificates for use.

EUROmodul Know-How

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