Telecom shelters, custom engineered by client’s request. Shelters are made for telecommunication equipment storage. The client is one of Europe’s leading traffic surveillance companies.

Development of a new generation of traffic control devices, provides sustainable traffic improvement. EUROmodul’s know how in the area offers support for safe and controlled storage solutions. Shelters for telecom and surveillance equipment are made by individual requests, and standard dimensions for a smaller shelter are 2,4 x 2,4 m.  Shelters are equipped with devices which need continuous power supply and controlled environment to ensure normal functioning.

We manufacture each telecom shelters individually to meet the requirements of installation site. For remote locations, we offer monitoring equipment and systems.

Elements which can be monitored:

Door access

Temperature range

Fire detection

Power status on/off


Whether you need to protect sensitive telecom equipment from harsh weather or secure critical infrastructure in remote locations, EUROmodul Telecom shelters provide the ideal solution. Trust in our proven expertise and industry-leading technology to safeguard your telecommunications operations and ensure uninterrupted connectivity.