EUROmodul public toilets production for city of Moscow was so far most challenging and complexed project in our 23 years of company lifetime. The toilet for the project was defined as EUROmodul ORNAMENTAL with two separate entrances – user cabins.

Toilet module is indipendent from water and sewage on location which allows simple and fast moving to new locations as needed. Antivandal concept is present in aspects of production. Inner toielt space has been developed and designed for EUROmodul‘s hygene handwash module which is sensor operated, consisting of soap dispenser, water tap and hand dryer. The toilet bowl is also antivandal, made from stainless steel.

Toilets have vacuum system with two tanks, one for water, the second for sewage tank, and can be therefore installed in any location. Integrated vacuum system for flushing toilet uses only 1.2 L instead of standard 9 litres of water

EUROmodul has developed its own system of heating and ventilation of cabins according to climatic conditions of the city of Moscow, where the average temperature during the winter months is around -10 C.

Constant temperature within the user space during the winter months is from 10 to 15 C. Toilet module has the fireproof resistance of 120 minutes upon the request of city of Moscow.

After the project was defined, starting from purchase department, production to logistic gave their best to make it.

The production of parts for toilets was made in our factories, in Serbia and Croatia. The target was been set to organise and manufacture 200 toilet objects in 80 days.

The production and logistics for the project was made in three production halls in Serbia with total area of 4150 m2 of production facility. Production imployed more than 150 workers organized in two and three shifts upon production needs, which allowed the production of 7 pieces of finished toilet objects per day. Production took place during August and September 2013.