EUROmodul designs and produces special containers, which are completely equipped in accordance with different requests for data centers. Containers are produced as completely prefabricated modules, ready to be shipped fast and be fitted with active equipment.

EUROmodul’s data containers are completely equipped with a fire dectection and extingushing system, heating and airconditioning, and they can be additionally equipped with UPS and racks, per request.

Data containers are produced in standard dimensions of 20 ’ and 40 ’, or individually in custom dimensions per client’s request.

Containers, data and equipment are protected from damage with fire protection, burglary protection, dust and water protection, smoke protection and explosion protection.

Containers can be produced in accordance with individual requests, with variations in: individual facade finish, dimensions, layout and positions of instalations

Modular system construction  – Data Rooms

Apart form individual data containers, EUROmodul also offers modular data rooms inside existing permanent buildings and centers, with similar level of protection as in independent data containers.

The difference between a data container and a data center within a building is in the level of protection in case of possible accident (e.g. fire) where the fire in the whole building is being extinguished with water, which can cause water damage to the equipment which in installed inside the data room.

Product quality

With the goal of establishing sucessful long term cooperation with partner companies and clients, we conduct all our business processes in accordance with following ISO quality standards:

ISO 9001-2015
ISO 14001:  2105
OHSAS 18001:2008
ISO 3834-2:2005
EN 1090-1:2009 + AI:2011