Kiosk for fast food PULSE is conceptually made that provides preparation and sale of food and offers a protected area for consumation – a covered terrace. Kiosk is 9.0 x 3.0 meters with corrugated aluminum sheets as the final facade. Built-in elements – zinc steel welded frame with insulated panels provide for year-round use. Kiosk is designed to fully meet the extremely adverse weather conditions of Scandinavian countries.

Kiosk made with optimal transport dimensions

Kiosk is produced with basic transport dimensions 9.0 x 2.4 m. All the elements that go beyond the transport dimensions are removable and can be fixed on the spot: the glass canopy and stainless steel front counter.

Safety glass canopy

The glass canopy is made of safety glass: laminated and tempered glass. In case of braking, tempered glass will disperse in thousands of small rounded pieces that will not hurt people. Laminated glass will remain in one piece, because the film which is located between the glass holds it together.

Stainless steel counter

In front of the kiosk opening is stainless steel counter and advertising space which provides daily and weekly offers.


Kiosks has installed suction fans Vortice Lineo with capacity of 850 m3, made channels 200×300 mm in length of 8 meters with self-opening grids, whith grills 425x125mm in 4 locations.

Timer heater plates

Kiosk has a heater timer that allows the user to set the start time and the opening of the kiosk with hot plates heated to operating temperature, which ensures efficient operation without additional waiting.

Kiosk lighting

Kiosk indoor lighting was carried out as fluorescent lighting with raster 2x58W, with two position in the preparation of food and a place that illuminates a covered and closed terrace.

Motorized rollo

Kiosk is not intended for all-day work, so the overnight closing is ensured with motorized rollo shutter colored as facade. Rollo prevents entry, offers protection to glass and aluminum and provides a visual barrier from unwanted look at the content inside the kiosk.

Floor area

To facilitate the cleaning and maintenance of the floor surface is made from 2 mm PVC antistatic.

Aluminum sonstruction and thermally insulated glass
Aluminum construction was used at the request of the customer with adequately insulated glass, which offers greater protection from the temperature difference between inside and outside space – interrupted thermal bridge.

Kiosk facade

Kiosk has aluminum facade with corrugated sheet in RAL 3024. Glass walls are accented with bright red color which emphasize the aesthetic impression.

Lifting elements

Kiosk has removable screws to lift and move the kiosk with crane. After lifting the screws are removed, which does not interfere with its visual appearance. If there is a displacement of kiosk, the screws can be used repeatedly.

Adjustable legs for leveling on the site

The location can have certain deviations in height, but with 6 height-adjustable foot kiosk can be easily levelled.