Prefabricated security booth & guard booths

EUROmodul has designed and manufactured security lodges according to specifications in cooperation with Konzum d.d. headquarters retail chain. Access controll objects are manufactured from stainless steel with a canopy which segments are made of tempered and laminated safety glass.
EUROmodul security lodges is usually manufactured by request in accordance with client’s specification
  • guard booths for control of access
  • pay toll controll booths
  • parking lot booths
  • point of acess control
  • border crossings/ passport control

The advantages of prefabricated guard booths are different among them are lightweight aluminum or steel construction that enables easy moving between locations as needed.

Interior equipment

Security lodges equipping depends on the function and location of the installation. EUROmodul performs complete interior design according to the required specification; furniture, electrical, air-conditioning, distribution of computer and telephone networks, etC.

In the context of modern security, here are some benefits of having security lodges or residential security arrangements:

  1. Security lodges Deterrence and Prevention:

    • Having visible security personnel or lodgers can act as a deterrent to potential intruders or criminals. Knowing that a property is actively monitored can discourage unauthorized access.
  2. Quick Response to Incidents:

    • Security lodgers can respond promptly to any security breaches, emergencies, or alarms. Their presence ensures a faster reaction time compared to relying solely on technology or remote monitoring.
  3. Security lodges Surveillance and Monitoring:

    • Lodgers can keep an eye on the property, monitor surveillance cameras, and report any suspicious activity. This proactive approach enhances overall security.
  4. Access Control:

    • Security lodgers can manage access points, verify visitors, and prevent unauthorized entry. They play a crucial role in maintaining controlled access to the premises.
  5. Security lodges Emergency Situations:

    • In case of medical emergencies, fires, or other crises, security personnel can provide initial assistance and coordinate with emergency services.