In August 2019 we completed the erection of a three-story office building for our client in Darmstadt.

The building fully meets all necessary standards and specific requirements set by the client. The floor plan layout is adapted to the purpose, so that most of the internal space consists of open space offices and in the center of which there are acoustically insulated, communication glass rooms. In addition to open offices, the space also contains other rooms necessary for the functioning of the business facility: technical rooms, engine room, kitchens, toilets, individual offices and conference rooms.

Internal stairs and an external evacuation staircase are used for vertical communication between floors.

The facility consists of 54 modules 3m and 2.5m wide, 6m long and 3.4m high, delivered in four stages. The specific design of the module allows resistance to weathering and drainage of each module separately and ensures water resistance before setting the secondary roof.


The steel structure of all modules is made of cold-formed galvanized sheets 3, 4 and 5 mm thick and are coated with fire-resistant materials, thus achieving the required class of fire resistance F30. Derived layers are physical structures adapted to the requirements of energy efficiency and the reduction of noise is achieved by using Knauf Cleaneo acoustic boards.


At the request of the client, all external joinery is made using Schüco aluminum profiles with thermal bridge breaks, and protection from excessive solar radiation is provided by external electric blinds, operated by a central computer system.

Interior fire doors are also made of Schüco aluminum profiles, while solutions for technical doors are selected from Teckentrup. Other rooms are equipped with VMS wooden doors with a glass insert.


The sanitary rooms are fully equipped in our production facility at Kukuljanovo and then mounted in Darmstadt. Ceramic tile floor and wall finishes, as well as HPL laminate booths, provide superior appearance and ease of maintenance.


The internal stairs are made of steel panels, screwed together after mounting the modules themselves. The steps of the stairs are made of steel plates with inserts of ceramic tiles and an anti-slip aluminum profile on the edge. The fence is made of polished stainless steel profiles. The combination of steel, ceramics and stainless steel gives the staircase a modern and industrial look. In addition to the aesthetic requirements, the staircase also had to meet the high technical requirements of 5kN / m2.


The external evacuation staircase is made of standard thick wall steel profiles to achieve the required F60 fire resistance rating and load capacity of 5kN / m2. The stair treads and pedestals feature galvanized grilles custom-made for this building.