Factory EUROmodul signed a contract with German investor 05.11.2014. to build the modular student housing in Berlin of 12.000 m2 living area with 392 modules, each of 12,0 x 2,4 x 3,0 m which is the first project of its kind offered by the local company.

12.000 m2 living area

Student settlement will be placed in the South-Eastern part of Berlin with the floor area of approximately 12.000 m2. It will consist of three complexes on the four floors, a total number of 392 modules, 30 m2 each, that EUROmodul will manufacture, deliver and install. The modules will be produced at the factory EUROmodul in Nova Pazova, Serbia.

Objects are built from special CORTEN steel, which ensures durability and attractive appearance. Chemically treated steel CORTEN creates a protective layer on the surface and serves as a natural protection against corrosion and makes it long-lasting. Elements and equipment will be made of high quality materials in accordance with strict German standards and laws that apply to new buildings – fire protection, noise protection, thermal insulation, energy savings upon EU standards.

‘This project is a major challenge, both because of the volume and pace of work, and for meeting the rigorous standards that are prescribed in Germany. Due to the large volume of work, in addition to our professional permanent staff, we plan to open new jobs and to achieve business cooperation with local companies, which is of great importance for the local community and the local economy’, said the EUROmodul Serbia manager, mr. Milan Copic.

Design and KNOW-HOW

Project design started in September 2014. A pre-contract and permit of the first object presented EUROmodul in late January 2015, which testify fast adaptation of EUROmodul to investors requirements, but also fast project design by EUROmodul system of modular construction – prefabricated buildings.