On the Croatian island Biševo positioned in Adriatic sea, near Komiža and in entrance of the Blue cave (Modra špilja) EUROmodul designed, manufactured and delivered catering kiosk which is installed next to the tourist information center which was last year also produced and supplied by EUROmodul.

Kiosk with oversized dimensions

The supplied prefabricated kiosk is oversized with dimensions of 5.0m x 3.0m x 2.47m h (internal height) with the external facade of impregnated wooden slats finaly colored with mineral oil that gives color in naturally oxidized wood in a gray tone, which is applied to the double protection of wooden slats due to exposure to the impact of sea and salt. The walls are thermically insulated PU panels with thickness of 60 mm, the inside of the wall is coated with wall tiles, and concealed electrical and water installations.

The facility is open on three sides, equipped with a massive counter of well dried white ash with all three sides of the building. It’s closed with zinc roller shutter in RAL 7038 according to the client’s request.

A kiosk is derived with secondary pitched roof with attic in RAL 7038
Inside the building is embedded LED lighting with regulation; 6 LED lamps 18W.

The floor is insulated with PU panel 60mm, because of the weight of catering equipment it’s individually reinforced with the capacity of 500 kg / m², with a built-in double cement particle board, and the final set of rectangular tiles chosen by the customer.

Toilet for male, female and cabins for people with disabilities

With catering kiosk is supplied also toilet facilities for disabled people, with dimensions of 2.4 x 2.4m, with built-in complete disability equipment in accordance with applicable regulations; Toilet bowl, sink, sloping mirror and handles for disabled stainless steel AISI 316

Blue Cave (Croatian name is Modra Špilja) one of the most prominent Croatian tourist attractions

Today, the island is mostly visited for it’s wonderful beauty of Blue Cave. Croatian archipelago has impressive maritime space, from which rise above the sea islands that are actually peaks of the former land which connected the present Adriatic coast from hillside high Dinarides in the east to the lowland regions of the Apennines to the west. At some inconceivable geological cataclysm at the end of the ice age ten thousand years before the sea level rose by about a hundred meters, and the sea broke and flooded vast plains to the peaks of mountains that stretch lungitudinalno the eastern coast of the Adriatic into a thousand and two hundred islands and reefs. With the emergence of these islands, incredible shape was created and the whole maze of sea channels, bays, coves, bays, jutting capes, in the above-water in offshore also created the vast array of undersea islands – marriages, rich fish habitat and marine caves. It was created on island Biševo with wonderful Blue Cave through which the undersea tunnel sun’s rays are converted into blue liquid.