Bus stop shelters for public transport are part of the EUROmodul street furniture production program, designed to fit different architecture of cities and roads. All standard bus shelter are made from high quality and durable materials:

All standard types of bus shelters are manufactured with the highest quality and durable materials:

  • stainless steel
  • aluminium
  • tempered safety glass
  • the acrylic
  • polyester reinporced

Dimensions and individual requirements

Manufacturing according to needed specification which is required by bus shelter location is possible on your demands. EUROmodul is providing custom made bus shelters production to adjust dimensions and materials, complite design to the requirements and needs of client.

Additional equipment

Bus shelters for bus stops are mainly made with additional equipment as;

  • City lights ad showcases
  • driving bush maps
  • kiosks
  • toilets for drivers or public usage

Bus shelter manufacturer – custom made

We offer you the production possibility of individual and personalized types of bus shelters according to your design, selection of materials and dimensions. In cooperation with EUROmodul Design Studio department we will create for you visualization, prototypes and final production.