EUROmodul  has designed an individual type of kiosk specifically  for „Tisak d.d.“ ,assembled in capital city of Zagreb.

.„Tisak“ is the largest retail chain of kiosk and leading Croatian press distributor, tobbaco product, prepaid phonecards of telecom operators and other products. „Tisak“ is at the same time forwarding company that can distribute any product to any place in Croatia any day, 365 days yearly.

Modular structure „Tisak d.d.“ is  dynamic and contemporary and it is intended for the purpose of selling press and for the easier and faster communication with customers.The sales area is large opening with showcases, advertising panels, advertising roof heads and seling counters and its total lenght is 4000 mm,hight 3300 mm and wight 2200 mm. It is consisted of two front and rear part.Kiosk is constructed of adequate weight and dimension elements which can be asambled manually in location .The structure has one entry.

LED lighting illuminates the interior and exterior with diferent intensity and layout of LED illuminating. Due to maximally usable sale area and its minimalistic design,press and small consumer items goin on importants.

Construction is made of galvanized steel and painted as per client request with tempered glass. Roll doors are galvanized and plasticized and electricaly powered for closing and opening (option is manualy driven shutter).