EUROmodul has produced a new type of kiosk – Kiosk WALK IN for selling groceries, cigarettes and newspapers. The unique design of the kiosk is characterized with client’s possibility to enter into the object itself, unlike the previous retail kioskss where the sales was made outside of the object with the sales counter.


Structural and decorative frames are made from hot galvanized steel profiles 2-3 mm in thickness.
External wall cladding si made from galvanized sheet metal thickness of 1.5 mm. All compounds of frame and sheet metal joints of frame are welded together and protected with zinc coating. Visible frames and plates are painted with primer and two-component polyurethane anthracite color (coloring with automotive technology) or in accordance with the order. Weight of kiosk is approximately: 1,8 – 3,0 tons. Inside of kiosk are suspended ceiling plaster boards beneath which are electrical and other elements.

Heating and cooling

Heating and cooling due to the large open surface is solved with air curtain and floor heating in the area of ​​sales counter and selesman. Underfloor heating system is powered with electric supply while the air conditioning system air curtain is fitted into a suspended ceiling facilityand outdoor AC unit is located inside the kiosk’s facade.

LED lights, roof cap and showcases CITYLIGHT

LED lights illuminates the interior and exterior of the kiosk with different intensity and pattern with LED lights.
Advertising roof kiosk is made from polycarbonate with detailed calculated dilatation materials under atmospheric conditions. Diffuse LED lights roof cap illuminates the entire area and extruded company logo. On the back of the kiosk are installed two ROTO showcases with the option of programming speed and the timings for the three posters in the dimensions 2.8 x 1.8 m. Showcases are illuminated with backlit LED illumination.

ROLL closing kiosks

Attractive and transparent rolling closure system is derived from polycarbonate lamels which raise and close with electric motor.

Innovative sales desk

EUROmodul has developed and manufactured special tools for the production of this specific WALK IN kiosk sales counter with internal drawers and hanging display racks which are mounted in the ceiling. Development and production of sales counter is EUROmodul’s KNOW-HOW applied with extensive partner for which we developed and produced several hundred objects – kiosks.

Indoor furniture

Furniture and shelves for sale of various goods are designed and tailor-made for the needs WALK IN kiosks in high accuracy and quality of finish. Inside the building are integrated refrigerated showcases for drinks with the innovative EUROmodul ventilation cooling devices.

Floor structure

  • Polyurethane panel 40 mm double-sided galvanized and coated sheet
  • Waterproof laminate
  • Thermal conductivity is approximately K = 0.38 cal / m2 h ° C
  • The structure of the roof – ceiling
  • Polyurethane panel thickness 40 + 40 mm below the visible galvanized sheet white
  • Powder coated on the upper side corrugated 40 mm galvanized and coated sheet in the color of choice
  • Suspended ceiling constructed with plaster board
  • The coefficient K = 0.40 cal / m2 h ° C
  • Drainage of rainwater from the roof is performed through the angular columns kiosks

Security doors

The front door is made as security door with light opening, height 200 cm, width 70 cm.
The door leaf is filled with polyurethane panel with double-sided galvanized iron outside of thickness 1.25 mm and painted in the color of the object and locked with a special lock in three points. Door for the night delivery of the press are located at the rear of the kiosk and are equipped with a special lock.